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  1. Fu sing (2012) - Fu sing (2012) - User Reviews - IMDb › title › tt2387469

    A single word is really only needed to summarize this movie. And that word is: wow. I have a tremendous love for the Hong Kong cinema, and a movie such as "Floating City" (aka "Fu sing") is one of the reasons why I love Hong Kong cinema so much.

  2. Fu sing (2012) - IMDb › title › tt2387469

    May 18, 2012 · Fu sing: Directed by Ho Yim. With Aaron Kwok, Josie Ho, Annie Liu, Hin-Wai Au. In 1940s Hong Kong, an orphaned boy (Aaron Kwok) rises above oppressive circumstances to become an esteemed engineer for the British colonies, but still struggles to learn where he came from.

    • (375)
    • Ho Yim
    • Not Rated
    • Aaron Kwok, Josie Ho, Annie Liu
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    Welcome back to another movie review. Today, I review an animated movie from 2016 made by Illumination Entertainment. It's called, Sing. Enjoy!

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  6. Kung Fu Hustle - Plugged In › movie-reviews › kungfuhustle

    Movie Review. How does one do the Kung Fu Hustle? Take one part Roadrunner cartoon, mix in two parts Bruce Lee, a drop of Three Stooges and a pinch of West Side Story. Add a dash of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and a dollop of nitroglycerin. Label with subtitles. Bake until half done.

  7. Kung Fu Hustle: Making kung fu movies great again › feature › kung-fu-hustle-making

    Apr 12, 2019 · Kung Fu Hustle fills a similar role, and feels like the right movie at the right time. Released in 2004, the movie came a few years within Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger and Zhang Yi Mou’s Hero and The House of Flying Daggers : wuxia films that are more deconstructive and contemplative, and greyer in its depiction of heroism.

  8. Kung Fu Hustle movie review & film summary (2005) | Roger Ebert › reviews › kung-fu-hustle-2005

    Apr 22, 2005 · The movie opened a year ago, inspiring a review in which I gave my most rational defense of the relativity theory of star ratings. Now comes "Kung Fu Hustle." This is the kind of movie where you laugh occasionally and have a silly grin most of the rest of the time.

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    Shaolin Soccer easily carried more emotional weight than anything in Kung Fu Hustle. However, the above gripes are really only viable if you view Kung Fu Hustle as just any other movie, which it most definitely is not. This is a Stephen Chow movie, and Stephen Chow carries the audience clout of Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat, the Twins, the Boy'z ...

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    Aug 02, 2002 · M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs" is the work of a born filmmaker, able to summon apprehension out of thin air. When it is over, we think not how little has been decided, but how much has been experienced. Here is a movie in which the plot is the rhythm section, not the melody. A movie that stays free of labored explanations and a forced climax, and is about fear in the wind, in the trees, in a dog ...

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