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    • Fun Facts About Poland That Will Blow Your Mind. Wow!
      • One of the interesting facts about Poland is that the country ranked 11th in the EF English Proficiency Index. It includes all the developed countries in the world, which means Poles speaks English better than citizens of Switzerland, Belgium, or Japan.
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    • The Polish language is (very) difficult. It's hard to understand even one Polish word, right? Don't worry! The Polish language is so complicated, that even Polish people have many problems to speak and write 100% correctly.
    • The most famous astronomer was Polish. Nowadays, the fact that the Earth rotates around the Sun is obvious. But in the past, the world was seen differently!
    • You can visit a wonderful salt mine there. Have you ever heard about Wieliczka Salt Mine? It's one of the most beautiful sites in Poland! Wieliczka is the only mining site in the world functioning continuously since the Middle Ages to the present.
    • Polish dumplings are the best in the world. Polish food is absolutely delicious! Gołąbki, golonka, żurek and kotlet schabowy will blow your mind but the Polish dish that you MUST try is called pierogi!
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    Poland is named after an ancient Slavic Tribe. The name comes from a Western Slavic tribe - Poland ("Polanie”), which means "people living in open fields." This tribe inhabited the region starting in the 6th century. 4. Pope John Paul II was Polish. Pope John Paul II, the former head of the Catholic Church was Polish.

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    • Poland is the 9th Largest Country in Europe. (8th not Including Russia) Poland isn’t a small country, it’s actually one of the largest ones. Poland is bigger than Italy and the UK.
    • The name “Poland” (Polska) Has a Meaning. It originates from the name of the tribe Polanie, which means “people living in open fields”.
    • Polish History is Very Complicated. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you might start reading Polish Medieval History. You’ll get confused many times (try reading something on the period from 1138 to 1320).
    • Poland’s Consitution Was the 2nd in the World. Poland adopted its first written constitution in the spring of 1791, which was the 2nd in the world valid legal document of the kind.
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    Incredible Poland Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop Poles Celebrate Name Day. This is one of the most interesting facts about Poland. When you turn 18 years old, you become... Polish Language Is One Of The Most Difficult In The World. Poland facts: the Polish language is one of the most... People ...

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    Perhaps the most famous UNESCO site in Poland is the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz Birkenau. Poland has 24 national parks. Pol’and’Rock Festival is one of the largest free music festivals in the world. The festival has been held every summer since 1995. Poland is home to a number of beautiful castles. Many of Poland’s castles are open to the public.

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    • Poland is a lot older than you think. If you believe the legend, once upon a time, three brothers – Lech, Czech and Rus – wandered the area with their tribes.
    • Warsaw wasn’t always the capital of Poland. This makes the list of fun facts about Poland because it’s an interesting story. The first capital of Poland was Gniezno.
    • It was once a powerful kingdom in Europe. This is one of the fun facts about Poland that most people don’t know about. It was once one of the largest and powerful kingdoms in Europe, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.
    • Poland didn’t exist for 123 years. It’s not surprising that Poland’s history makes it on the list of fun facts about Poland. While it might not be that fun, it’s definitely interesting and probably unknown to many.
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    Poland is officially known as the Republic of Poland. The neighboring countries are Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Ukraine and Belarus to the east, Lithuania and Russia to the northeast. To the north, Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea. Official language is Polish.

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    • We don’t use dryers. Yes, that’s true! After washing, we hang our clothes on traditional dryer. Then we take them off from the dryer and iron them. It’s very time consuming and just stupid.
    • We don’t trust people, if we don’t get drunk together. Ask any Pole if he has a friend with whom he didn’t get wasted. It’s just impossible! If you want to have good friend, you need to party hard with him at least once.
    • We are Catholics but we hate church. It’s really weird but many Poles hate church. They go to church every Sunday though. Why? They must be seen by others and they don’t want to hear their mamas and grandmas complaining that they will go to hell.
    • Every spring, we kill dolls. It’s Polish tradition to make human-sized doll by the end of winter (called Marzanna) and drown it when the spring begins.
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