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  1. Apr 20, 2022 · 2Apex Legends. It might be free-to-play, but don’t let that fool you. Apex Legends is one of the best shooters around, and an amazing online game to play with your pals. Teaming up in squads of ...

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    • War Thunder. War Thunder is a free-to-play multiplayer game all about military vehicles knocking seven bells out of one another, whether that’s in aerial dog fights, sprawling tank battles, or naval skirmishes.
    • World of tanks. Even though World of Tanks was released over ten years ago, this free-to-play PvP vehicular combat game just keeps growing and evolving into one of the best multiplayer PC games.
    • Splitgate. Have you ever found yourself playing Portal and thinking about how fun it would be to see the Portal gun mechanics implemented in a competitive FPS game?
    • Halo Infinite. Although Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode was met by players with a few grumbles, mainly due to its convoluted ranking system and grindy battle pass – it features crisp, satisfying FPS combat and as described in our Halo Infinite review – it’s like little else on the market.
  2. If you are good at pretending and want to show your deceiving skills to your friends, then Psych can be the best online multiplayer game for you. It is a word game that allows you to create multiple fake options of a question to ask your friends. It consists of numerous fun categories that you can pick at the start of the game. Board Game Arena

    • Gartic Phone. Gartic Phone is a recently popular free multiplayer game with various different game modes. The main mode has the players write prompts and then those prompts get sent to other players and everyone must draw each other's prompts.
    • UNO! Similar to Cards Against Humanity, the popular card game UNO! has many free versions online. But, the best version is probably the one on, which has a simple layout with responsive controls.
    • is a free in-browser multiplayer game where a player has to draw a prompt and the other players have to guess what the prompt is.
    • Team Fortress 2. In 1996, critically acclaimed first-person shooter Quake had a mod that would spin off into its own thing: Team Fortress. Years later, Team Fortress 2 was created in 2007 and, besides microtransactions and cosmetics, the game became free in 2011.
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  4. Play against a friend or go it alone in the first-person shooter games. You can show off your skills on a battlefield by leading your forces across enemy lines in the multiplayer strategy games as well. We also have several categories of online multiplayer games, which include: social games, gun games, io games, and many more.

  5. Fundox is one of the more creative multiplayer word games online, combining elements of Scrabble and Reversi or Othello. The board layout may look like Scrabble or Words With Friends at first, but the objective is not to rack up points based on the words you play. Rather, it’s about claiming the spaces on the board like how you would in Reversi.

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