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    • Anisha Nair
    • Bubbles. Bubbles can fascinate just about any child; it doesn’t matter if they are 6-months-old or 6-years-old. It is an economic photo shoot as all that is required is a bubble blower.
    • Balloons. Adding balloons to your photo shoot can be an easy way to add a burst of color and extra bit of sparkle to your images. Try going for red or pink heart-shaped balloons to give the pictures a feminine touch.
    • Pretty Angel. For little girls, this makes for an adorable photo. Dress them up in a pretty frock, a star in their hands, wings on their back and a cute crown.
    • Baby in Jelly Beans. Heard of candid photography? Put out a jar of their favourite jelly beans or sweets, and take a few snaps as they stuff their faces with it.
  3. You can also throw around confetti or glitter for a fancier shot. 6. Blowing Bubbles Not only bubbles are cheap photography props, but also they are also sure to fascinate a kid of any age. You can either have kids blow bubbles, or if they are too young, ask their parent to do it, and let the kids chase the bubbles. 7. Blowing Dandelions

    • Water Play. This summer photo idea is also a rite of passage and the spray gives you opportunity to get really creative. In this shot below which is taken during the golden hour, Dana has positioned herself with the sun behind her little guy, which illuminates the spray into flecks of gold.
    • Swimming. More water play but this time swimming, obviously a summer classic! One of the best ways to create really strong, professional looking photos is to eliminate clutter in the background.
    • Slip n Slide. Just set it up, get in position and capture them doco style. All you need is a fast shutter speed and the ability to use your camera in continous focus drive mode.
    • Chillin Out. Not all summer photo ideas need action. Capture those lazy afternoons where the kids are kicking back and chilling out. Remember to vary your angles for lots of variety and capture details as well as wide shots and if they’re not the sort of kids who can sit still for long… give them something to eat!
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