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  1. Mar 01, 2022 · Get moving with these low-risk outdoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic: Walking, running and hiking Rollerblading and biking Fishing and hunting Golfing Rock or ice climbing Kayaking, canoeing, diving, boating or sailing Skiing, including cross-country and downhill skiing Ice skating Snowboarding Sledding Snowshoeing

    • Walk in nature. When you need a change of scenery, but aren’t feeling a more intense workout, going for a walk is going to come in clutch. Not only will it get you out of the house, but if you choose your destination wisely, it can seriously de-stress you too.
    • Go “camping” in your backyard. With many campgrounds closed, traditional camping is on hiatus. But you can get a similar vibe in your yard (if you have one).
    • Lace up for a run. As long as you’re able to social distance, running is a good choice if you want to get out of the house and get in a cardio workout at the same time.
    • Explore your town. When you’re in a rush—say, you’re in a hurry to get to the train station, or even to finish a workout in a set amount of time—you probably have a specific route marked down to the minute.
    • Tina Walsh
    • Bake Bread. Homemade Focaccia. Whole Wheat Honey Oatmeal Bread. 2-Ingredient Naan Flatbread. One Hour Garlic Herb Dinner Rolls. Jalapeño Cheddar Bread. Cheddar Bay Biscuits.
    • Start a Movie Marathon. Harry Potter (disc set) Star Wars (disc set, but also on Disney+) The Marvel Movies (Disney+) Mission Impossible (disc set, you could also watch individual movies on Amazon Prime or stream from Youtube)
    • Organize an area of your house. You could dedicate as much or as little time as you like here. Do as little as one hour a day, or you can dedicate an entire day for an area.
    • Sink Your Teeth into a Thriller/Mystery Book. Here’s my personal list of books! I’m working my way through these: Night Film, by Marisha Pessl (currently reading)
    • Mini golf. Got any old golf clubs laying around? Put them to use for a few rounds of backyard mini golf! Whether your game is as simple as tapping balls into plastic cups or something more elaborate that incorporates twists, turns, or even water features, mini golf is a fun backyard game that's suitable for family members of all ages.
    • Ring toss. Ring toss is a popular backyard game for a good reason: You can make it out of just about anything. As long as you've got some sort of ring and something to toss it onto, you're good to go!
    • Bean bag toss. Here's a fun variation on the ring toss game above. If you've got bean bags, you can draw or spray paint a target onto your grass or on the driveway, then label each ring of the target with a different point value.
    • Cornhole. Cornhole has become the great American pastime when it comes to backyard games. If you don't already have a cornhole set, it's definitely time to invest in one!
  2. Apr 03, 2020 · Take a Virtual Trip to Puerto Rico to Salsa Dance, Mix Cocktails, and Master Your Cooking Skills 13 Virtual Train Rides From Around the World That You Can Experience Right Now Take a Digital Dog...

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  3. Apr 23, 2020 · 38. Go outside and stretch your legs. As long as you stay six feet away from others. 39. Blow bubbles. You can do this with soap and a hoop. You can also chew gum and blow a bubble. 40. Practice your TikTok dance moves. Get creative and make a new dance so that you become the next Hype House member. It also acts as a surprisingly fun work-out.

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