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      • FUNDAMENTAL means BASIC. So, fundamentalism means belief in the core basics. In this case, the Torah. Fundamentalist Jews are also called by some "Orthodox" or "Chassid" because they follow the dictates of the Torah LITERALLY.
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  2. In the early part of the 20th century, The term "Fundamentalist" was coined to describe a Christian type of religious sect. However, the term itself means belief in the infallibility of the Bible not only in matters of faith and morals but also as a literal historical record, and strict adherence to any set of basic ideas or principles.

  3. May 27, 2013 · Like Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism is extremely new. It arose in response to modernity, and it radically changed Jewish values. Formerly, the Jewish mainstream balanced strictness...

  4. jews who see their judaism as an ethnic and cultural heritage should rightly be astonished and horrified at the thought that some element of an identity which they embrace can be so unthinkingly interpreted as supposing that other human beings are worthy of less consideration and less respect than an invisible, inscrutable, unprovable, and …

  5. JEWISH FUNDAMENTALISM - A NEW POLITICAL FORCE. Synagogue and state are still officially separate in Israel. But increasingly Jewish fundamentalists are using political channels to achieve the...

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