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  2. Aug 12, 2021 · Random Fun Facts for Kids. 82. Most people cannot lick their elbows. (Try it!) 83. You cannot sneeze with your eyes open. (Try this, too!) 84. The Olympics used to give medals for art, not just sports. 85. A jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds. 86. French fries are Belgian, not French.

  3. Jan 13, 2022 · Cats are not able to taste anything that is sweet. You fart on average 14 times a day, and each fart travels from your body at 7 mph. One of the ingredients needed to make dynamite is peanuts. The largest living organism in the world is a fungus. It is in Oregon, covering 2,200 acres and is still growing.

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    • Pigs can't look up in the sky! This fun fact is true because of the limitation of the spine movement and neck muscles of the pig.
    • You cannot lick your elbow! This is true but in most cases, others are somehow able to do this. A claim was made that the Guinness book of records around five calls every day from people thinking they are special just because they could lick their elbows.
    • Everyone’s tongue print is different! Just like every human has a different fingerprint similarly the print of everyone’s tongue is also different and unique.
    • The eyes of an ostrich are bigger than the brain! The eyes of an ostrich are measured to be about two inches in diameter. This is so because ostriches have to adapt to a terrestrial lifestyle.
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