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  1. The tearful mother reveals in a now-deleted video that police showed up at her home shortly after the video was posted and that Gunner was taken from her and her husband.

  2. Parents, teachers, and others who work with children have sought explanations for why some children perpetually misbehave, often in big ways. It’s disturbing, even frightening, when a child constantly disobeys, hits, kicks, yells, and refuses to cooperate or even listen. What causes this?

  3. Kids misbehave and make mistakes sometimes, but sometimes they haven’t done anything at all. Jumping to conclusions and immediately blaming your child when you don’t know for sure if it was them can ruin the trust between you, and they may be less forthcoming in the future when they do make mistakes.

  4. If kids are struggling in any way at school, they are at risk of frustration, boredom, anxiety, and depression—any of which can cause behavior problems. Some detective work to discover what’s happening is an important part of how to discipline your child for misbehaving at school.

  5. “The issue regarding misbehaving teens continues with violence. It plagues our youth, some of whom misbehave in public. Most recently at the Downtown Central ...

  6. Farm life. This is one of the many funny family photos where we’re not really sure what’s going on. But hey, they’re family and that’s all that matters. 3 / 26. Courtesy Awkward Family Photos.

  7. April 30, 2018. Children are life's little bundles of joy. And even when they personally aren't particularly joyful, they're at least making you laugh. Whether you have kids of your own and are looking to relate, or you just need a reminder that the children are our future—a future that's currently lying on the kitchen floor eating food with ...

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