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  1. Gabriel Toyne was born in London on April 5, 1905. His father F. Herbert Toyne was Director of the Brighton Education Committee, although the family spent some of his childhood years in India, where he became a linguist in Indian languages and dialects. He went up to Oxford University in 1925, reading History at Corpus Christi.

  2. Rawlings was praised on all sides for her emotional and spiritual integrity. The dramatic point was that the couple were not cold by nature but passionate and sexually experienced (and the point for gossips was that the author and his leading lady were in love and that that year Rawlings and her first husband, the actor Gabriel Toyne, divorced).

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    Main characters

    1. Robin Hood (Robin of Locksley), a Saxon nobleman returned from the Crusades and forced into outlawry in Sherwood Forest. Played by Richard Greene. 2. The Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood's enemy who schemes to capture the outlaw. Played by Alan Wheatley. 3. Little John, Robin Hood's trusted friend and his second in command. Played by Archie Duncan. Duncan was briefly replaced by Rufus Cruikshank for ten episodes after Duncan was injured when a horse bolted toward the spectators, mostly ch...

    Minor characters

    1. Alan-a-Dale, a member of Robin Hood's band. Played by John Schlesinger (two episodes), Richard Coleman(3 episodes/Series 4). 2. Ethel, Derwent's wife played by Paula Byrne

    Historical characters

    1. Queen Eleanor, mother of King Richard and Prince John played by (Jill Esmond) (2 episodes, series 1) 2. King Richard the Lionheart played by Patrick Barr(2 episodes, series 1) 3. Prince John, the scheming friend of the Sheriff of Nottingham and brother of King Richard. Played by Donald Pleasence, Hubert Gregg, and Brian Haines. 4. Princess Avice of Gloucester, the first wife of Prince John played by Helen Cherrybefore her divorce from John, 5. Isabella of Angoulême, the second wife of Prin...

    The series is set in the 12th Century, during the reign of King Richard. Robin of Locksley, a nobleman, is forced into the life of an outlaw, dwelling in Sherwood Forest with a band of men who right the wrongs committed by the rich and powerful against the poor and defenceless. Given the name Robin Hood by the outlaw band's leader, Will Scatlock, who was fatally wounded. Hood's enemy in the series is the Sheriff of Nottingham who, with his cohorts, schemes to capture the outlaw by any means possible. Lady Marian Fitzwalter (Maid Marian), a young noblewoman and Robin Hood's lover, keeps him informed of the Sheriff of Nottingham's whereabouts and intentions. Episodes are punctuated with manly deeds of derring-do, tense escapes and pursuits, princely tournaments, the thundering hoof-beats of powerful steeds, the clattering of flashing swords, and the whizzing of fatally-placed arrows. In "A Year and A Day" (Series 2), a refugee peasant explains that, under English law, a peasant who es...

    Blacklisted writers

    The Adventures of Robin Hood was produced by Hannah Weinstein, who had left-wing political views. Weinstein hired many blacklisted American writers to script episodes of the series: these included Ring Lardner Jr., Waldo Salt, Robert Lees, and Adrian Scott. Howard Koch, who was also blacklisted, served for a while as the series' script editor. The blacklisted writers were credited under pseudonyms, to avoid the attention of studio executives. (The sponsored prints of the first five episodes o...


    Whilst interiors were filmed at Nettlefold Studios, location shooting for the series took place on the nearby Wisley common, Wisley, Surrey, and at the adjoining Foxwarren Park Estate, near Cobham, owned by Hannah Weinstein. Horses used for filming were also stabled at Foxwarren house, which had a projection room for viewing daily film rushes and completed films. In 1956 a replica castle exterior, complete with drawbridge, was built in the grounds of the estate for filming of 'The Adventures...


    1. Directors of Photography – Gerald Gibbs (series 1), Ken Hodges (series 1–4), Ernest Palmer (series 2), Michael Reed(series 2–3), Ian Craig (series 4) 2. Camera Operators – Noel Rowland (series 1–4), Eric Williams (series 4) 3. Art Directors – Peter Proud (series 1), John Blezard (series 2–4), Peter Mullins (series 2–3) 4. Production Designer – Peter Proud (series 2) 5. Art Supervisor – William Kellner(series 2) 6. Assistant Director – Christopher Noble 7. Sound – H.P. Pearson 8. Film Edito...

    The series was an immediate hit on both sides of the Atlantic, drawing 32,000,000 viewers per week. Sapphire films were commissioned to make four other series by Lew Grade: The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (1956/57) (broadcast by NBC on Monday nights at 8.00 pm), The Buccaneers (1956/57) (broadcast by CBS on Saturday nights at 7.30 pm), Sword of Freedom (1957/58), and The Four Just Men (1958/59). ITC continued to make and sell TV series to the US until the late 1970s, including The Saint, The Prisoner, Thunderbirds, Space 1999, The Muppet Showand many more.


    Many licensed products and knockoffs were sold, including books, jigsaw puzzles, iron-on patches, toy bows and arrows, a series of bubble gum cards, and more. The "Robin Hood" shoe brand sporting Richard Green's likeness on the interior heel lasted long after the series stopped production. Magazine Enterprises featured Richard Greene photos on three Robin Hood comic books. Robin and Marian made the cover of TV Guide in the Week of 12–18 May 1956.


    In Region 1, Mill Creek Entertainmenthas released all 4 seasons on DVD. They have also released a complete series set featuring all 143 episodes of the series. Alpha Videohas released 22 single volume collections of the series, featuring various episodes. In Region 2, Network DVDhas released all 4 seasons on DVD in the UK. Three DVD boxsets of the series have also been released in Germany by KNM Home Entertainment as "Die Abenteuer Von Robin Hood" with German language soundtracks in 2009.

    In the 1990s, three movie-length compilation features (approx. 90 min. each) were created from the series by producers Philip May & Joseph Shields, through editing parts of the various episodes, though not necessarily in chronological order. These were as follows: 1. Robin Hood: The Movie(1991) – featuring edited material from episodes: 1,2,3,5,8 & 27. Notably, Will Scatlock who dies at the end of episode 2 in the series (thereby transferring the outlaw leadership to Robin Hood), is not killed until the end of the 90 min feature. 2. Robin Hood's Greatest Adventures(1991) 3. Robin Hood: Quest for the Crown(1991)

    In 1960, Sydney Cole and Richard Greene produced the feature film Sword of Sherwood Forest for Hammer Film Productions (in association with Yeoman Films), directed by Terence Fisher, written by Alan Hackney, director of photography was Ken Hodges, and the film editor was Lee Doig, all TV series alumni. Richard Greene starred as Robin Hood with Peter Cushing as The Sheriff of Nottingham, blonde haired Sarah Branch played Maid Marian with Nigel Green as Little John, Jack Gwillim as Archbishop Hubert Walter, and Richard Pasco as Edward, Earl of Newark. Oliver Reedalso had a small role. It was filmed in colour and in a widescreen process referred to as 'Megascope' on the opening titles. The film itself was a retelling of how Robin first met Marion.

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    The Adventures of Robin Hood: A Robin Hood Spotlight
  4. Jun 29, 2020 · The First and Last Horrors of Amicus On June 29, 2020 By Arthur In Fiction , Folk Horror , Horror , John Moxey , Paul Annett Though Hammer Studios were the champions of British horror cinema for much of the 1960s (and were still able to make a good showing from time to time in the 1970s), Amicus Productions also deserved to be in the conversation.

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  6. Mar 14, 2021 · The Baker’s Wife 2005-04 Papermill Playhouse Alice Ripley, Max Von Essen, Lenny Wolpe Proshot Highlights. Beautifully shot and amazingly clear! About an hour of pro shot footage used for publicity purposes. Bare - March 14, 2008 - Bellmore , NY

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