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  1. Galicia (Spain) - Wikipedia

    Galicia was late to catch the tourism boom that has swept Spain in recent decades, but the coastal regions (especially the Rías Baixas and Santiago de Compostela) are now significant tourist destinations and are especially popular with visitors from other regions in Spain, where the majority of tourists come from. In 2007, 5.7 million tourists ...

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  2. Galicia 2021: Best of Galicia, Spain Tourism - Tripadvisor

    Galicia Tourism: Tripadvisor has 925,493 reviews of Galicia Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Galicia resource.

  3. GALICIA SPAIN | Galicia Guide
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    Galicia is located in the green and lush north western corner of Spain. Geographically, Galicia is situated just above Portugal and faces both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mar Cantabrico. This part of the country has an economy based on fishing, farming, agriculture and increasingly tourism. Galicia also has a climate offering four separate seasons and is actually pronounced \\"Galithia\\" (the \\"ci\\" pronounced as \\"th\\" in spanish).

    Whilst a part of the mainland, Galicia is an autonomous community with a cultural heritage, climate and geography that are distinct from the rest of Spain. Although the region's history and scenery are often promoted as the areas main vacation attractions, beautiful beaches fill the \\"rias\\" (bays) of three of the four provinces in Galicia and the scent of pine and eucalyptus are ever present.

    In terms of getting to Galicia, \\"Santiago de Compostela\\", the provincial capitol of \\"la Coruna\\" and Vigo (in Pontevedra) all benefit from International airports, although \\"direct from the UK\\" flight schedules are limited.

    Galicia is frequently described as green Spain, a result of its temperate climate and elevated rain fall, at least when compared to the resorts of Spain's hotter South. The north of Spain has an average rain fall comparable with that found in the UK and France and four distinct seasons, although with what most would view as an extended summer. This temperate climate, combined with the hundreds of kilometers of coastline, have resulted in a dual economy of farming and fishing.

    To a tourist, the biggest difference between Galicia and the more commonly visited southern Spanish resorts will be the landscape and climate.

    Firstly, the predominant colour of the landscape is green, and not the parched or burnt green you see in the Southern parts of Spain. The scenery varies between the hills and fells found in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District (England) and the more mountainous vistas found in the Scottish highlands. A further Celtic connection is the traditional instrument of Galicia known as the gaita, it is similar to the bagpipes in sound and appearance.

    Much of the local fishing is however shellfish and crustaceans for which the region is internationally renowned. The traditional vegetable of Galicia is the potato, although the most visible crop you will see in the fields is sweet corn.

    For anyone interested in living in Galicia and finding out about the English speaking community there, take a look at our page about the AGA (Anglo Galician Association) including a link to their website. The AGA is a society that has been set up for English speakers with a connection to, or an interest in living in, Galicia. It is operated out of Pontevedra and the association tries to arrange occasional meetings, diners and events within the region. Please be aware that their website is not an information portal about the region, but rather a means of making contact with British, American, Australian, Canadian ex-pats who now live in Galicia.

  4. Galicia (spain) |

    Galicia Autonomous region in nw Spain, comprising the provinces of La Coruña, Lugo, Orense, and Pontevedra; the capital is Santiago de Compostela. It was a centre of resistance to the Moorish invasions in the 8th century, and passed to Castile in the 13th century.

  5. Galicia, Spain | The Condé Nast Traveller guide to Galicia ...

    Glance at Galicia on a map, high in a northern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, and you'll see a ragged chunk of Spain's west coast, above the Portuguese border, stopping just shy of Santiago de Compostela. This, its capital, sees a steady beat of footsteps drum through as they reach the finale of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

  6. Galicia Known to the Romans as the end of the world, Galicia is the north-westernmost community of Spain and has the status of a historic nationality. A mountainous, region, it has a jagged coastline formed by a succession of inlets, rias (rivers) and wide, rocky estuaries.

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  7. Galicia: History - Tripadvisor

    The name Galicia is derived from the Latin name of a Celtic tribe that settled near the Douro River (the Calaici). The ancient Greek geographer Strabo, referred to the Galicians as being more like the Celts of Gaul than the peoples of other parts of the peninsula, with their long hair and peculiar beer.

  8. Here's why Galicia is Spain's Best Region to Visit | HuffPost
    • Minube
    • The coastline is breathtaking. From the wind-swept arches and caves of the Playa de las Catedrales to the powdery white beaches of the Islas Cíes, Galicia has one of Spain’s most diverse and undeniably beautiful coastlines.
    • It’s an outpost of Celtic history. The Celts? In Spain? Yes, northern Spain was once one of the richest centers of Celtic culture, an influence is still felt in the region’s music, dance, and festivals.
    • And has amazing Roman ruins. Known as Gallaecia in Roman times, Galicia is home to some true marvels of Roman engineering and two of the region’s four World Heritage Sites date from that era.
    • The best seafood you’ll ever try. Spain consumes more seafood than any country on Earth except Japan, and any Spaniard will tell you that the best seafood comes from Galicia.
  9. The Mysterious Seventh Celtic Nation: Galicia, Spain | The ...

    Jan 27, 2014 · The autonomous region of Galicia, Spain, is the seventh Celtic Nation and the least known of the group. The other six include Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Isle of Mann and Brittany, France,...

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