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    Downfall is an American television game show series in which contestants try to answer trivia questions and win up to $1 million while on the roof of a 10-story building in Downtown Los Angeles. The series, hosted by Chris Jericho , premiered on June 22, 2010, on ABC .

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    • June 22 –, July 20, 2010
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  2. Downfall | Game Shows Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Downfall

    Jun 22, 2010 · The show was set at the top of a 10-story building. Contestants answer questions and win cash & prizes, all while trying to avoid seeing the cash & prizes fall from the building from a ride down a giant conveyor belt. The prizes the rode the the belt were just replicas.

  3. Downfall (TV series) | All The Tropes Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Downfall_(TV_series)

    Each can only be done once. If a supporter was put on the belt, the two may confer over answers. Personnel: Game Show Host: Chris Jericho. Lovely Assistant: Jamie and Allee, who hooked up the safety harness and put up personal items on the belt. Undesirable prizes: ...can easily be sacrificed for more time by letting them drop. Of course, the fancier and more expensive prizes are closer to the front of the line, so if you want to win them you pretty much have no choice but to play the game ...

  4. Downfall (2010) (Series) - TV Tropes › pmwiki › pmwiki

    Downfall (2010) Game Show hosted by wrestler Chris Jericho on ABC for a single season in 2010 as the Wipeout lead-out, whose main draw is that the contestant tries to save a series of prizes from going over the edge of a rather tall building on a Conveyor Belt o' Doom. The contestant picked a category off a board, and had to correctly answer a certain number of clues from it.

  5. Downfall - TV Review › tv-reviews › downfall

    Downfall's concept takes the traditional game show to a new level (100 feet up, to be exact), since it’s impossible to believe that watching expensive prizes (and in some cases, people, as the contestants must bring a willing supporter to ride the belt and also risk dropping by bungee) literally escape your grasp wouldn’t affect your ability to answer trivia questions.

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  6. Tuesdays at 9|8c on ABC, experience the first game show ever to be played on top of a skyscraper. Contestants must answer trivia questions in a timely fashio...

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  7. Downfall - Game Show Newsnet › gamesgoneby › ggb-066

    The first time it's pressed, the contestant must put a "personal possession" on the belt in front of the cash and must finish the round properly before it drops in order to save it. The second time, a friend or family member is likewise harnessed up and placed on the belt.

  8. New game show: Downfall - DVD Talk Forum › tv-talk › 575379-new-game-show

    Jun 23, 2010 · TV Talk - New game show: Downfall - I can't believe this is for real. Contestants have a certain amount of time to answer trivia questions as their prize is slowly moving down a conveyer belt located on a skyscraper. If they don't answer in time the prize drops off the conveyer belt and smashes.

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  10. "Downfall" sets new low for TV game shows | Reuters › article › us-television-downfall

    Jun 24, 2010 · “Downfall” is played atop a downtown Los Angeles building that is described as a “skyscraper” but looks more like a 10-story warehouse or parking garage. To start each round, an obnoxiously...

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