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    What are all the names of gems?

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    What are all the stone names?

    What are the names of the jewelry stones?

  2. Alphabetical List of Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones
    • Agate. Agate is cryptocrystalline silica, with a chemical formula of SiO2. It is characterized by rhombohedral microcrystals and has a Mohs hardness ranging from 6.5 to 7.
    • Alexandrite or Chrysoberyl. Chrysoberyl is a gemstone made of beryllium aluminate. Its chemical formula is BeAl2O4. Chrysoberyl belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system and has a Mohs hardness of 8.5.
    • Amber. Although amber is considered a gemstone, it's an organic mineral rather than an inorganic one. Amber is fossilized tree resin. It's usually golden or brown and may contain inclusions of plants or small animals.
    • Amethyst. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, which is silica or silicon dioxide, with a chemical formula of SiO2. The violet color comes from the irradiation of iron impurities in the matrix.
  3. 50 Precious Gemstone Baby Names For Girls And Boys
    • 1. Diamond: Diamond, the stone that Marilyn Monroe’s said “ is a girl’s best friend’ is a go-to choice not just for...
    • 2. Bijou: Bijou is a short, sweet and sassy term French term for ‘jewel’. The name has a European flair to it, which...
    • 3. Emerald: If you’re looking for a unique name with a rich symbolism, Emerald could be the one...
    • 15. Topaz:
  4. Gemstone Names with Pictures - Click on any gem to get detailed information, prices, photos and videos. Alexandrite. Alexandrite Cats Eye. Almandine Garnet (Pyrope) Amber. Amethyst. Amethyst Cabochon. Ametrine. Ammolite.

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  5. Gemstone Name List

    Gemstone name list is good for people who want to know more about gemstones. Please click the link when you see a name of gemstone that you don’t know. You can have new knowledge and information about it. There are more than hundreds of kinds of gemstones and new types are still discovered.

  6. Gemstone Names - FamilyEducation

    Although Ruby and Emerald are more commonly used as gem or jewel names, others also gain popularity at times and are possible choices for parents looking for more uncommon names. Diamond, for example, is currently somewhat popular. Baseball player Darryl Strawberry has a daughter that carries this brilliant name.

  7. Gemstone Names - How did those gemstones get their names?

    Nov 14, 2019 · This deep-blue gemstone gets its name from the Ancient Persian word lajevard, which refers to the gemstone lapis lazuli, another deep-blue gemstone, as well as an area where it was mined. The pronunciation became lazaward in Arabic. Lapis lazuli is so called for the Latin lapis (stone) and lazulum (deep blue).

  8. List of 24 Gemstones with Names, Pictures, and Colors
    • ALEXANDRITE. If you like magic, specifically the magic of science, you'll like Alexandrite, the color-change treasure. Outside in daylight, it is a great bluish mossy environment-friendly.
    • AMETHYST. The ancient Greeks, as well as the Romans, believed Amethyst would prevent the invigorating powers of Bacchus, as well as maintain the user clear-headed and quick-witted.
    • AQUAMARINE. The name Aquamarine represents itself, indicating seawater. Aquamarine quickly brings to mind its stunning pastel skies blue or the bright color of the sea.
    • CITRINE. This bright radiating gem has stated to be a gift from the sunlight. The name Citrine, which is French for "lemon", fits well with its color range of succulent lemon yellow to a brilliant orangey brown.
  9. List of Gemstones: Precious and Semi-Precious Stones ...

    Almandine is perhaps the most common garnet species. Forming series with pyrope and spessartine garnets, these gems occur in the deep brownish or purplish reds most often associated with garnets. They make affordable and durable jewelry stones.

  10. Gemstone varieties and trade names - A-Z

    Rubellite. Akoya Pearl. Chrysopal. Laguna Agate. Rubicelle. Alabandine Ruby. Chrysoprase. Lapis. Ruby Copper.

  11. Gemstones A-Z with detailed gemstone descriptions

    Origin of name either the Arabic word faridat meaning "gem" or the French word peritot meaning "unclear". Peridot is one of the few gem stones that come in only one colour. The depth of green depends on how much iron is contained in the crystal structure. Olivine is one of the most common minerals but the gem quality Peridot is rarer.