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    La Gendarmerie nationale [a] est une des plus anciennes institutions françaises. En effet, elle est l'héritière de la Maréchaussée, corps de militaires qui, chargé de la police et de la justice aux armées depuis le Moyen Âge, devient progressivement une force de police compétente pour l'ensemble de la population sur la quasi-totalité du territoire français [7].

  2. National Gendarmerie - Wikipedia

    The National Gendarmerie (French: Gendarmerie nationale [ʒɑ̃daʁməʁi nasjɔnal]) is one of two national police forces of France, along with the National Police.It is a branch of the French Armed Forces placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior—with additional duties to the Ministry of Defense.

    • c. 100,000 members (2014), 25,000 reserve
    • Paris
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    A gendarmerie (/ ʒ ɒ n ˈ d ɑːr m ər i, ʒ ɒ̃-/) is a military force with law enforcement duties among the civilian population. The term gendarme (English: / ˈ ʒ ɒ n d ɑːr m /) is derived from the medieval French expression gens d'armes, which translates to "armed people".

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    Mobile Gendarmerie Groupings. A grouping (French: Groupement de gendarmerie mobile or GGM) is an administrative echelon under the command of a lieutenant-colonel or a "full" colonel. Groupings are comparable to battalions or regiments but, contrary to theses units, their size is not standardized as they include from four to ten squadrons.

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  6. Departmental Gendarmerie - Wikipedia

    The Departmental Gendarmerie (French: Gendarmerie Départementale) is the territorial police branch of the French National Gendarmerie.The Departmental Gendarmerie has regular contact with the population and conducts local policing functions throughout the French territory.

  7. Gendarmerie — Wikipédia

    La mission de surveillance générale de la gendarmerie, L'Harmattan, Collection « Sécurité et société », 2001. A. Lignereux, « La Paix des Champs - Gendarmerie et société dans la Sarthe (1800-1914) », in: Revue Historique et Archéologique du Maine, Le Mans, 2006, p. 133-168 (ill.; tableaux et graphiques).

  8. The gendarmerie also provides mountain rescue capability. In conflict zones, the gendarmerie's function is the restoration of law and order as a provost unit. [2] In addition to the police, the gendarmerie has military equipments such as armored transport .

  9. Gendarmerie (Belgium) - Wikipedia

    The Gendarmerie or Rijkswacht was the former paramilitary police force of Belgium. It became a civilian police organisation in 1992, a status it retained until 1 January 2001, when it was, together with the other existing police forces in Belgium, abolished and replaced by the Federal Police and the Local Police.

  10. Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie - Wikipedia

    There is a Mobile Gendarmerie specifically in charge of maintaining public order and helping the regional gendarmerie occasionally. They are ; Air Gendarmerie, Maritime Gendarmerie , Beside these major units, specialised units have been founded with the commitment to perform the duties to meet special needs which requires special capabilities.

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    Die Gendarmerie nationale (ʒɑ̃daʁmə'ʁi nasjɔ'nal, deutsch Nationalgendarmerie) ist eine Polizeitruppe in Frankreich.Sie war seit ihrer Gründung Teil der französischen Streitkräfte und daher im Unterschied zu den übrigen französischen Polizeikräften dem Verteidigungsministerium unterstellt.