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  1. At Geneva Capital, our mission is to provide our customers with financing solutions that will help them succeed. We're Here to Support You! Get started today - complete our quick online application & get the equipment you need to grow your business.

  2. Geneva Capital Group (Geneva) is a Midwest leader in innovative commercial real estate financing solutions. Geneva has the relationships, access to capital, business sense and knowledge to structure real estate financing solutions that preserve the underlying value of properties and developments, even those that are distressed.

  3. At Geneva Capital, we take time to get to know you & understand how your business operates. Purchase programs can be tailored to fit your cash flow needs & individual tax situation. We offer flexible & convenient payment options as well as billing cycles that can be modified to meet your cash flow situation.

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    Geneva Capital Management seeks long-term capital appreciation for our clients by investing in high-quality small- and mid-cap businesses across four strategies. Strategies overview Higher potential for gains Higher potential for stability

    • Impact on Additional Financing
    • Access to Capital
    • Interest Rate Fluctuations
    • Flexibility of Terms

    When a business finances with Geneva Capital, we file a UCC letting the Secretary of State know where the customer is located & that the equipment is owned by the leasing company. We designate only the new equipment as collateral. Other lenders will see that only the leased equipment is under consideration & will still be willing to work with you. In comparison, under a traditional bank loan, all property is stated...the new equipment plus your entire business. With this blanket UCC in place, other banks will not be willing to provide overlapping financing to you.

    Banks have a lending threshold with each borrower. If you get into an amount of debt that the bank deems a risk, they may choose to end business with you or refuse you financing. Leasing companies also deal with this, but only consider the equipment finances for that customer. By using Geneva Capital, you can retain access to capital with your bank without tying up credit lines.

    Banks are not in the business of taking excessive risks; their programs are subject to change as economic conditions falter. As the Federal Reserve raises or lowers the Prime Rate, interest rates will increase or decrease, impacting your business outside of your control. The opposite is true for leasing companies...they take 100% of the interest rate risk! Therefore, the payment on your lease will never change during its term, regardless of interest rates & inflation.

    Most banks require 10-20% down to finance business equipment with a requirement of security...the primary concern of a bank is to protect its interests. A leasing company's main goal is to generate cash flow. Therefore, leasing companies are highly creative in finding the easiest way for a business to get new equipment. At Geneva Capital, we offer several custom terms to fit the needs of our individual customers.

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    Geneva Capital is a full-service provider of equipment financing. We focus on providing competitive and creative financing to a variety of markets.

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    Geneva Capital prides itself on our ability to assess each unique situation and provide our customers with custom financing options to best suit their individual needs. We finance: EMCs

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    Investment Parameters 3. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE NEWS. ... Hours. Geneva Glen Capital 123 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 820, Chicago, IL 60606 312-525-8500 Tel / 312-528-9404 Fax

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