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  1. A Projected Invasion of Sweden, 1716

    independence and liberty. Then the ring of foes, including England-Hanover, Denmark-Norway, Poland, Prussia, and Russia, were thirsting for the spoils of the former Swedish empire. England-Hanover, in the person of George I, paid the Danes their price for Bremen and Verden; Prussia had taken eastern Pomerania in

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    Sep 14, 2014 - Elena, daughter of George I of Bulgaria was the empress consort of Chaka of Bulgaria.

  3. Brandenburg - Encyclopedia

    Cottbus and Peitz in Lusatia were acquired, and retained after a quarrel with George Podiebrad, king of Bohemia, and the new mark of Brandenburg was purchased from the Teutonic order in 1454. An attempt, however, to secure the duchy of Pomerania-Stettin failed, and the concluding years of this reign were troubled by warfare with the Pomeranians.

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    The elector spent much of his time in Prussia striving to assert his authority in that duchy, and in August 1618, according to the arrangement of 1569, became duke by the death of Albert Frederick. He only enjoyed this dignity for a short time, as he died on the 23rd of December 1619. He was succeeded by his eldest son, George William.

  5. Thirteen Years' War (1454–66) - Infogalactic: the planetary ...'_War_(1454–66)

    Eric II, Duke of Pomerania In that situation the Teutonic Knights were able to recover the eastern part of Prussia, including the Königsberg towns of Altstadt and Löbenicht on April 17, 1455. They were aided by rebellions in the cities, caused by new large war taxes.

  6. Great Northern War | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Between 1560 and 1658, Sweden created a Baltic empire centred on the Gulf of Finland and comprising the provinces of Karelia, Ingria, Estonia, and Livonia. During the Thirty Years' War Sweden gained tracts in Germany as well, including Western Pomerania, Wismar, the Duchy of Bremen, and Verden.

  7. To James Madison from George W. Erving, 5 March 1813

    The two letters which Mr Thomas Barlow was advised to write to the Duke of Bassano in the month of Feby, have been already transmitted;2 I herewith take the liberty of inclosing one which by my advice he wrote yesterday:3 I had previously seen the duke, his justification of his own proceeding founded on what he treated as Mr T. Barlows refusal ...

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    Jan 25, 2016 · Prince Jaromar I also was briefly regent to the young Duke of Pomerania, then a large, industrious and important society. The area that previously was Pomerania is now divided between Germany and ...

  9. Great Northern War - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Great Northern War and George I of Great Britain · See more » Gotland. Gotland (older spellings include Gottland or Gothland), Gutland in the local dialect, is a province, county, municipality, and diocese of Sweden. New!!: Great Northern War and Gotland · See more » Grand Duchess Anna Petrovna of Russia

  10. Black Britain

    CHARLOTTE SOPHIA (1744-1818), Queen of George III, king of England, was Wie youngest daughter of Charles Lewis, brother of Frederic, third duke of Mecklen-burg-Strelitz. When a young girl she was so distressed ac the ravages of tne IVussian troops on a relative's territory, that she wrote a letter to their king begbing him to restrain them.

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