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    House of Poděbrady. In 1458, the estates of Bohemia elected George of Poděbrady as the new King of Bohemia. He had a difficult role trying to maintain a fragile peace between the Catholic side and the Hussite side, for which he earned the nickname King of two peoples.

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    Náchod (Czech pronunciation: ; German: Nachod) is a town in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic.It has about 20,000 inhabitants. Náchod is located in the valley of the river Metuje, in an upland area between the mountain ranges of Krkonoše and Orlické hory.

    • 1254
    • Náchod
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    1449 – Sidonie of Poděbrady, daughter of King of Bohemia (d. 1510) 1487 – John III of Pernstein , Bohemian land-owner, Governor of Moravia and Count of Kladsko (d. 1548) 1501 – Anna of Oldenburg , Regent of East Frisia (d. 1575) [9]

  4. Lịch sử Séc – Wikipedia tiếng Việt › wiki › Lịch_sử_Séc

    Mặc dù ông đã lên ngôi Vua của Bohemia vào năm 1453, nhiếp chính của ông George of Poděbrady tiếp tục cai trị Bohemia một cách hiệu quả thay ông. Ladislaus chết ở Prague sau khi chạy trốn một cuộc nổi loạn ở Hungary, khi mới mười bảy tuổi.

  5. list of people on stamps of czechoslovakia : definition of ... › list of people on stamps of

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1956, 1981, 1991) Alois Mrštík ... King George of Poděbrady (1958, 1964) ... This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed ...

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    Prague (/prɑːɡ/; Czech: Praha [ˈpraɦa] (listen), German: Prag, Latin: Praga) is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 13th largest city in the European Union[9] and the historical capital of Bohemia. Situated on the Vltava river, Prague is home to about 1.3 million people, while it

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    The Classical period was an era of classical music between roughly 1730 to 1820, associated with the style of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. New!!: Czech Republic and Classical period (music) · See more » Clementinum. The Clementinum (Klementinum in Czech) is a historic complex of buildings in Prague. New!!: Czech Republic and Clementinum ...

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    Kłodzko and George I of Münsterberg · See more » George II, Duke of Münsterberg-Oels. George II of Münsterberg-Oels (also: George II of Poděbrady; Georg II., Jiří II z Minstrberka; 30 April 1512 in Oleśnica – 13 January 1553 in Oleśnica) was a Duke of Münsterberg 1536-1542 and Duke of Oels. New!!:

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    4083 relations: A Choice of Magic, A Hero's Song, Aaron Karfunkel, Aš, Abba Hushi, Abbé de La Marre, Abellio (transport company), Abertam cheese, Abortion in the Czech Republic, Abraham Benisch, Abraham Buschke, Abraham Kohn, Abraham Samuel Bacharach, Abrahamites, Absinthe, Acanthite, Accretionary wedge, Acutiramus, Adalbert Gyrowetz ...

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    Frederick III (21 September 1415 – 19 August 1493) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1452 until his death. He was the first emperor of the House of Habsburg, and the third member of the House of Habsburg to be elected to King of Germany after Rudolph I of Germany and Albert I in the 13th century.

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