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  1. 1442 - Wikipedia

    July 15 – Boček IV of Poděbrady, Bohemian nobleman, eldest son of King George of Podebrady (d. 1496) September 8 – John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford (d. 1513) September 27 – John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk (d. 1492) date unknown. Ahmad Zarruq, Moroccan scholar and Sufi sheikh (d. 1493) Tamás Bakócz, Hungarian archbishop (d. 1521)

  2. Strahov Monastery - Wikipedia,_Abbey_of

    During the Hussite Wars, the years of the reign of George of Poděbrady, and the time up to the end of the 16th century, Strahov was relatively moribund. Attempts were made by various officials to renew the original monastery and its religious life, but they were unsuccessful.

  3. 1449 - Wikipedia

    October 21 – George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, brother of Edward IV of England and Richard III of England (d. 1478) November 11 – Catherine of Poděbrady, Hungarian Queen (d. 1464) November 14 – Sidonie of Poděbrady, Bohemian princess, duchess consort of Saxony (d. 1510) December 6 – Dorotea Gonzaga, Italian noble (d. 1467) date unknown

  4. 1453 - Wikipedia

    October 28 – Ladislaus the Posthumous is crowned King of Bohemia, although George of Poděbrady remains in control of the government. November 10 – Sejo of Joseon kills his enemy General Kim Jong-seo and gains control of the government in Joseon Korea (where this rebellion is called Gyeyujeongnan ).

  5. 1496 - Wikipedia

    September 28 – Boček IV of Poděbrady, Bohemian nobleman, eldest son of King George of Podebrady (b. 1442) October 15 – Gilbert, Count of Montpensier (b. 1443) November 1 – Filippo Buonaccorsi (Filip Callimachus), Italian humanist writer (b. 1437) date unknown. Richard Bell, Bishop of Carlisle; Alexander Inglis, Scottish clergyman

  6. ماتیاش یکم (به مجاری: I. Mátyás)(زادهٔ ۲۳ فوریهٔ ۱۴۴۳- مرگ ۶ آوریل ۱۴۹۰) پادشاه مجارستان و کرواسی بود. . او از ۱۴۶۰ و پس از یک رشته جنگ توانست پادشاه بوهم و دوک اتریش نیز شو

  7. بیرینجی ماتیاش - ویکی‌پدیابیرینجی_ماتیاش

    contested till 1471 by George of Poděbrady, from 1471 by Vladislaus II; شاه‌لیق: 1469–1490: قاباقکی: George of Poděbrady: واریث: Vladislaus II: اوتریش دوکلیغی contested by اۆچونجو فریدریش (ایمپیراتور) شاه‌لیق: 1487–1490: قاباقکی: اۆچونجو فریدریش ...

  8. George of Podebrady becomes King of Bohemia; Pope Pius II becomes pope; Turks issue a decree to protect the Acropolis after they conquer Athens This page was last ...

  9. Český Šternberk Castle - WikipediaČeský_Šternberk_Castle

    In 1467 the castle was seized by the royal armies of George of Poděbrady. [1] [2] [8] Later, the ruined castle was regained by Šternberk's aristocracy, who, by the turn of the 15th to 16th century, had reconstructed the castle, renewed its defensive system and expanded it with the construction of a new cylindrical tower in the south and the ...

  10. Txekiako Errepublikako historia - Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea.

    Estaturik gabeko nazioak: Bretainia • Eskozia • Euskal Herria • Flandria • Gales • Galizia • Irlanda • Katalunia • Korsika • Okzitania • Sardinia "

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