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    George Smith Patton Jr. (November 11, 1885 – December 21, 1945) was a general in the United States Army who commanded the Seventh United States Army in the Mediterranean theater of World War II, and the Third United States Army in France and Germany after the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.

    • 1909–1945
    • Beatrice Smith, Ruth Ellen, George Patton IV
  2. The Death of a General: George S. Patton, Jr. | The National ... › war › articles

    At 6:00 a.m. on December 21, 1945, General George S. Patton, Jr. passed away in his sleep. A blood clot in his paralyzed body had worked its way to his heart, stopping it and ending the life of one of America’s greatest battlefield commanders. The 60-year-old general had led a life of adventure, fighting in almost every major American ...

    • Malloryk
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    George S. Patton (1885-1945) was a high-ranking WWII general, who led the U.S. 7th Army in its invasion of Sicily and northern France in the summer of 1944. Patton began his military career ...

  4. TOP 25 QUOTES BY GEORGE S. PATTON (of 241) | A-Z Quotes › author › 11404-George_S_Patton
    • Give me an Army of West Point graduates and I'll win a battle... Give me a handful of Texas Aggies and I'll win a war. George S. Patton. War, Army, Winning.
    • If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. George S. Patton. Motivational, Business, Military.
    • It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. George S. Patton. Sympathy, Death, Wisdom.
    • Urge all of your men to pray, not alone in church, but everywhere. Pray when driving. Pray when fighting. Pray alone. Pray with others. Pray by night and pray by day.
  5. George Patton - Death, WW2 & Military Career - Biography › military-figure › george-patton

    Mar 31, 2021 · Who Was George Patton? Considered one of the most successful combat generals in U.S history, George Patton was the first officer assigned to the Tank Corps in WWI.

  6. Brutal Facts About General George S. Patton, The Great ... › people › george-patton
    • A Different Time. In between the World Wars, Patton was bored senseless by the lack of bloodshed and battle. It was during the late 1930s that Patton not only turned to alcoholism out of this boredom, but he began an affair with his wife’s 19-year-old niece!
    • Words Really Are Wind After All, Then. Interestingly, despite Patton’s outstanding military record, and despite it being the 1940s, there was a large public outcry when word of the slapping incidents became common knowledge.
    • Unprovoked Murders? Cover it Up! In 1943, while Patton was campaigning in Sicily, he tried to cover up a massacre of Italian and German POWs (prisoners of war) at Biscari.
    • Sick and Tired. While one report accuses Paul Bennett of having faked his PTSD to get away from the front lines, it was revealed that Charles Kuhl was not just riddled with PTSD, he was also sick from malarial parasites.
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    Aug 13, 2020 · George Smith Patton Jr. — a four-star general at the end of his career — was one of the preeminent military figures of World War II. Under his leadership, American troops reversed the Allies' fortunes in North Africa, liberated Sicily, and saved the U.S. troops threatened with annihilation during the Nazi counterattack known as the Battle of the Bulge.

  8. The Real Story of General George Patton, Jr's Death & Final Days › 2018/06/11 › real-story

    Jun 11, 2018 · General George S. Patton, Jr., greets General Lucian J. Truscott, one his most trusted divisional commanders. Patton handed over command of his beloved Third Army to another cavalryman, General Lucian Truscott, on October 7, 1945. It was a wet day, and the ceremony was held, rather inappropriately, inside a gymnasium.

  9. The Mysterious Death of Gen. George S. Patton › articles › 2012

    Nov 22, 2012 · The Mysterious Death of Gen. George S. Patton. Sixty-seven years ago, on a cold December 9th in 1945 Germany, legendary American general George S. Patton was injured in a strange auto "accident ...

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