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    The area of modern Germany is rich in finds of prehistoric art, including the Venus of Hohle Fels.This appears to be the oldest undisputed example of Upper Paleolithic art and figurative sculpture of the human form in general, from over 35,000 years BP, which was only discovered in 2008; the better-known Venus of Willendorf (24–22,000 BP) comes from a little way over the Austrian border.

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  3. Expressionism was an avant-garde movement that developed in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. As a reaction against Impressionism and academic art, Expressionism refers to art in which the representation of reality is not objective but distorted in order to express the inner feelings of the artist.

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  5. Developments in modern art in Europe came to the U.S. from exhibitions in New York City such as the Armory Show in 1913. After World War II, New York replaced Paris as the center of the art world. Since then many U.S. movements have shaped Modern and Postmodern art. Art in the United States today covers a huge range of styles.

  6. The legacy of the Op Art movement. Artists today enhance the scope and range of the Op Art movement and continue to draw on earlier investigations while continuing to expand it into three-dimensional space. Austrian artist Peter Kogler is one of these artists, who operate at the forefront of technology while contributing greatly to the Op Art ...

  7. Sep 12, 2022 · Neo-Expressionism (1980-1989): Modern Art. Starting in the 1980s, Neo-Expressionism emerged with large-format representational and life-affirming paintings. Berlin was a central point for this new movement, and the designs typically featured cities and big-city life.

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