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    Tomb of Bernabò Visconti The Tomb of Bernabò Visconti is an equestrian marble tomb that initially stood behind the high altar of the now-demolished Saint Giovanni in Conca. San Giovanni in Conca was a crypt of a former basilica church in Milan. The rider was initially covered in silver and had golden spurs and shield. […]

  2. Bona Sforza was royalty. She was most prominent from 1518 to 1548. Bona was born as the child of Gian Galeazzo Sforza, Isabella of Aragon, and Duchess of Milan on February 2nd, 1494 in Vigevano. She passed away on November 19th, 1557.

  3. Isabella d’Aragona, princess of Naples and widow of the Duke Gian Galeazzo Sforza of Milan, enlarged the castle, which she made her residence, 1499–1524.After the death of Queen Bona Sforza, of Poland, Bari came to be included in the Kingdom of Naples and its history contracted to a local one, as malaria became endemic in the region.

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    Galeazzo BADOER (1553 - ?) Galeazzo (Conte) CAPODILISTA (1682 - 1748) Galeazzo CICINELLI (Barao di CARPINONE) Galeazzo Dondi ORLOGIO; Galeazzo FARNESE; Galeazzo Giulio BADOER (1614 - ?) Galeazzo MALATESTA (Sn. di PESARO) (? - 1457?) Galeazzo MARESCOTTI (1417 - 1506) Galeazzo Maria SFORZA (Milan 1444 - 1476) ; Duke of MILAN Galeazzo MONTECUCCOLI

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    Galeazzo CICINELLI (Barao di CARPINONE) Galeazzo FARNESE; Galeazzo MALATESTA (Sn. di PESARO) (? - 1457?) Galeazzo MARESCOTTI (1417 - 1506) Galeazzo Maria SFORZA (Milan 1444 - 1476) ; Duke of MILAN Galeazzo MONTECUCCOLI; Galeazzo I PALLAVICINO (? - 1520?) ; Marques de BUSSET Galeazzo VISCONTI; Galeazzo I VISCONTI (1277 - 1328)

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    Im Januar 1491 wurden bei einer doppelten Sforza-Este-Heirat (Ludovico Sforza mit Beatrice d’Este und Alfonso d’Este mit Anna Sforza, der Schwester von Gian Galeazzo) erneut Leonardos Dienste als Masque- und Festorganisator in Anspruch genommen.

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    Người kế vị ông Gian Galeazzo và Filippo Maria mở rộng pháo đài và chuyển đổi nó thành một nơi cư trú nguy nga. Sau khi Filippo Maria Visconti chết mà không để lại một người thừa kế năm 1447, người dân Milan tuyên bố nước Cộng hòa Ambrosian và san bằng các lâu đài – được ...

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    Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Armada de Molucca · See more » Armada Portrait The Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I of England is the name of any of three surviving versions of an allegorical panel painting depicting the Tudor queen surrounded by symbols of imperial majesty against a backdrop representing the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

  9. 1524 - Parmigianino - Gian Galeazzo Sanvitale - Museo di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy 1525 - Correggio - The School of Love - National Gallery, London, UK 1526 - Sebastiano del Piombo - Portrait of Andrea Doria - Doria Pamphilj Gallery, Rome, Italy

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    Forum Jar: Interesting Forums Page #137 : Interesting Forums Page # 137 • Gene Yang Forum • Sir John Soane's Museum Forum • Our Island Home Forum • Fast Mail Forum • Make Me Lose Control (song) Forum • Charlie Wilson (musician) Forum • Heritage High School (Conyers, Georgia) Forum • Yair Nave Forum • Alexander Vesnin Forum • Carl Laemmle, Jr. Forum • Duruperan Forum ...