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  2. Gianluca Vacchi. Login My secrets. Mindset. Behind success is a strong mindset which believes it possible. I have made my way through many of my life’s activities ...

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    Jul 17, 2020 · Today, Gianluca Vacchi He is 52 years old and his fortune is valued at 450 million dollars. His wealth comes from his family shares in the IMA firm, a company of which he was part, as a member of the board of directors, in the 90s.

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    Gianluca Vacchi was born on 15th August 1967 in Bologna, Italy on a wealthy and business oriented family. He is mostly known as an Italian entrepreneur, financier, and President at SEA(Società Europea Autocaravan S.p.A). Vacchi graduated from the Studiorum University of Bologna with a degree in economics and business.

    Vacchi was working for his dad's company on the administration board. His father started a multinational company named, Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A (IMA)worth $2.0 billion in the late 60s. The company designed and developed the machines that were used in packing and processing vehicles, food products and pharmaceuticals. In 2006, he established his own company, ToyWatchwhich was a designer watch company that manufactured luxurious watches but he sold the company after a year. Moreover, Gianluca was involved in the closing of Parmalat run by CEO Yvon Guerinwhich was a top Italian dairy and food corporation. Even he was sentenced to three and a half years in imprisonment for his involvement in the shutdown of Parmalat. However, later he pleaded not guilty. Vacchi was also the President of Last Minute Tour, a tourism company which he sold in 2007. Furthermore, he along with an entrepreneur,Lapo Elkannbuild a collaboration venture in 2011. He co-branded watches and sunglasses a...

    Gianluca Vacchi has an estimated net worth of $450 million. He is living an extravagant life. Vacchi also wears branded clothes, but he has a thing for pajamas which is his favorite. Most of the time, Vacchi posts various photos in many luxury cars and yachts, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Triumph, and Wrangler are some of his favorite collection. Recently, he owns a brand new Rolls Royce which cost around $500,000. His family business, IMA publicly traded company of worth more than $2 billion.

    Gianluca Vacchi is reportedly single at the present but previously he was in a romantic relationship with Giorgia Gabriele; a model and an entrepreneur. The couple started dating in 2014 and their relationship was going smoothly until and unless their personal differences started hitting their love affair. However, in 2017, the duo broke up. The pair has no children. Before settling down, he was known as a millionaire playboy because of several relationships with many girls. He was linked to Colombian actress and model, Ariadna Gutierrezas they spotted together at Miami Beach in mid-2017. The pair, however, officially never admit their love affair. Vacchi shared a good bonding with many popular celebrities like JenniferLopez,Nina Senicar, ZacEfron,Melissa Satta. According to his Instagram, post-Zac Efron seems to be one of his best friends.

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    • He counts Zac Efron as one of his friends. Gianluca Vacchi numerous Instagram posts have shown him diving off yachts riding horses and dancing on tables with Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron, he must be a good friend to have because Effron called him the real life most interesting man in the world that’s quite an accolade.
    • He nearly died in hospital. Gianluca Vacchi was admitted to hospital and nearly died in September 2016, he spoke about it in ambiguous terms once he recovered saying that he suffered the attack of a bacteria that has caused a huge effort both personal and of the medical staff to be defeated, when he returned to his villa in Bologna he arrived by helicopter to a very warm reception from his cheering staff of course it was all documented on his Instagram.
    • He’s rumored to have dated actress Michelle Rodriguez. Back in 2011 photos emerged of the Italian stallion with Avatar actress Michelle Rodriguez, they were having a grand old time scuba diving and lounging on one of his many Yachts With Vacchi in a very daring pair of white speedos, They may not be dating anymore But they definitely are still good friends has Rodriguez is yet another celebrity to be seen dancing on the Italian entrepreneurs Instagram account.
    • He has a flair for wearing silk pajamas. We all know the Italian entrepreneur has a flair for fashion, but he’s happy to relax in his pajamas too, well you and I might put some sweat pants on He has a fine collection of patterned silk pajamas that no doubt cost a bomb, he doesn’t just reserve them for bad either he’s quoted as saying always pajamas to go on the boat or on the beach.
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    Jan 18, 2021 · Gianluca Vacchi has expressed a desire to tie the knot with his partner Sharon Fonseca following the birth of their baby daughter Blu Jerusalema. The Italian playboy, 53, and his 25-year-old...

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    Aug 08, 2016 · Gianluca Vacchi has taken the world by storm since dancing his way onto the scene in a now-viral video with his wife Giorgia Gabriele. But what do we know about the 48-year-old?

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    Gianluca Vacchi was born on the 5 August 1967 in Bologna, Italy. But he spent his childhood with his grandmother as his mom and dad were busy in their business. Gianluca studied in the best schools in Italy. He got graduated from the Studiorum University of Bologna. He studied Economics and Business there.

    Vacchi is also popularly known as the “Grandpa Playboy” due to his linkups. He uploaded a few dance videos with Giorgia Gabriele. Thus his fans traced his rumoured girlfriend presence in his videos. Vacchi had been romantically involved with several women. In the past, he engaged to Melissa Satta. But the duo broke their courtship. Gianluca then tied the knot with Giorgia 2014. But the relationship did not work out, and they divorced in 2017.

    Being born on 5 August 1967, Gianluca Vachhi is 53 years old as of today’s date 29th May 2021. His height is 1.73 m tall, and his weight is 75 kg.

    Gianluca after graduating from the Studiorum University of Bologna, he joined his family business when he was 25. He then was more interested in the stock market. Thus he kept buying and selling different companies. This tactic of his slowly but surely led him to make himself the coolest man in the business world. In a short span of time, with his Business mind and knowledge, he became the President at SEA and a Non-Executive Director of IMA. Additionally, he also served as the director at Finance Vacchi Finanziaria Vacchi S.p.A.Vacchi was tired of his job and retired from his major roles when he was 45. But that was definitely not the end for this man with an amazing personality. He took the help of social media to introduce himself to the whole world. He then posted a video of himself and his then-wife, Giorgia Gabriele dancing to a Ricky Martin song which went to be viral on Instagram. Now, he is the global entertainer on social media. Gianluca collaborated with the music teams a...

    The amount of awards received by Vacchi is still unknown. But his achievement list is huge. He has worked very hard to make his fathers business achieve its greatest heights. He even received the title of the coolest man on Instagram. He has a huge fan following. This includes 14.6 million followers on Instagram.

    Gianluca has lived a life full of luxury from a very young age. He fortunate enough to inherit his fathers business when which helped him invest in other ventures. And today, Vacchi wealthy enough and has everything that money can buy. He owns private jets, yacht, and an enormous collection of cars. As per reports Gianluca is believed to have an estimated net worth of $150 million as of May 2021. Vacchi is now very much active on social networking platforms. He is very fond of posting different videos of himself dancing or working out. Moreover, Gianluca is also an amazing DJ and showcases his skills on Instagram. He has over 11.5 million fans on the platform. Gianluca was, in his early 90s, the IMA board group. He has owned enough wealth to invest in different companies. Vacchi believes that one should be happy to increase ones’ focus. He even acquired a watch company, i.e. Last Minute Tours Co. in 2006. Soon, he sold that organization to Hirsch in 2013. He also started a venture a...

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