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    A giant who had quarreled with the Mayor of Shrewsbury went to bury the city with dirt; however, he met a shoemaker, carrying shoes to repair, and the shoemaker convinced the giant that he had worn out all the shoes coming from Shrewsbury, and so it was too far to travel. Other English stories told of how giants threw stones at each other.

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    Species Profiles Some of Earth's most magnificent creatures reside in the landscapes we work so hard to protect. From Canada and Brazil to Indonesia and Cameroon, we train farmers, foresters, and tourism businesses to conserve the habitats of precious plant and animal species.

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    The tongues of pangolins are extremely long, and like those of the giant anteater and the tube-lipped nectar bat, the root of the tongue is not attached to the hyoid bone, but is in the thorax between the sternum and the trachea. Large pangolins can extend their tongues as much as 40 cm (16 in), with a diameter of only 0.5 cm (1 ⁄ 5 in).

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    May 26, 2021 · The Lagombi is a giant rabbit Fanged Beast that first appeared in Monster Hunter 3. It lives in cold climates and is usually peaceful unless provoked. If threatened by predators, Lagombi will use the environment to defend itself. It can use its strength to dig giant balls of snow and throw them like bowling balls.

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    Read National Geographic's latest stories about animals.

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    From reptiles and amphibians to fish, birds and mammals, meet the animals at the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute.

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    Find out more about our WONDERFUL zoo and all of the incredible animals, plants and FUN things to do here. Or you can download our map to plan you day and find your way around when you get here.

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    Jul 21, 2020 · The giant anteater is ferocious enough to fight off animals as aggressive as jaguars and pumas. 10. of 15. Wolverine . Erik Mandre / Shutterstock. Steer clear of the potentially deadly wolverine ...

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    What’s scaly from tip to tail and can curl into a ball? Pangolins! These solitary, primarily nocturnal animals, are easily recognized by their full armor of scales. A startled pangolin will cover its head with its front legs, exposing its scales to any potential predator. If touched or grabbed it will roll up completely into a ball, while the sharp scales on the tail can be used to lash out ...

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    The Numbat, also called the banded anteater, is a small endangered marsupial animal native to parts of Australia. They have a long sticky tongue that allows them pick up termites, which they eat exclusively. The Numbat is under threat from habitat loss and introduced predators like foxes and feral cats.

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