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    How big can a giant squid get?

    Is the male giant squid bigger than the female giant squid?

    What is the size of the biggest squid found on Earth?

    Is the colossal squid bigger than the giant squid?

  2. Falklands squid industry feels forgotten, unhopeful for 2021 ...

    1 day ago · Falklands squid industry faces 2021 full of uncertainties after a difficult 2020 due to the pandemic's negative effects on trade and a Brexit deal that took no account of its future

  3. Glovers Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador - Wikipedia

    8 hours ago · It is best known for the giant squid that was captured on its shores in 1878, which was subsequently recognised as a world record by Guinness. Glovers Harbour brands itself as the "home of the giant squid" and has a small heritage centre and "life-sized" sculpture dedicated to the animal, these being its main tourist attractions.

    • 1946
    • Canada
  4. 1 day ago · RVs are vehicles located in the Campground in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo. Up to two RVs can be present in the Campground at any one time. One of them will host a special visitor, which changes each day, or a SpotPass visitor (exclusive to Japan). The second will only be present if the player summons Wisp and scans a compatible amiibo. Only one amiibo visitor can be scanned per day.

    • All Day
    • Accommodating amiibo-exclusive villagers, Accommodating special characters
  5. Auschwitz sign theft | flying cuttlefish picayune

    by Trowbridge H. Ford. Without doubt, the most destructive, recent ‘false flag’ operation has been the ‘sleeper cell’ one that the Mossad put together to entrap neo-Nazis wanting memorabilia of Hitler’s regime – particularly pieces of the entrance sign to the Auschwitz concenteration camp – to help fianance attacks on governments which were not doing enough for Israel.(1)

  6. FFT: Spirit of '98

    1 day ago · Squid family-Black Ink's accuracy increased.-Odd Soundwave no longer affects allies.-Pisco Demon has free access to Black Ink, MS: Odd Soundwave.-Squidlarkin has Move+1 and very high PA.-Mindflare has Teleport. Skeleton family-Benefits from changes to undead mechanics; Phoenix has no effect and 100% revival rate.

  7. 1 day ago · In fact, ichthyosaurs hold the record for eye size: the largest was 264mm in diameter (~10.4 inches), from the species Temnodontosaurus platyodon. This is the largest eye ever recorded for any vertebrate; the colossal squid eye is larger still. The eyes of ichthyosaurs are protected by sclerotic rings.

  8. Killer Whales Spotted in Saudi's Red Sea as Divers Call For ...

    1 day ago · One of the most well-known of whales is the blue whale which is the largest living animal on Earth and can reach up to 30 meters in length and weigh nearly 200 tons.