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  1. Gigli | Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Romantic Bed Scene ...

    Gigli | Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Romantic Bed Scene - Arguably one of the worst films ever made is equipped with an equally awful sex scene between then real-life couple Bennifer. Lacking chemistry and featuring too many clothes, this scene does the impossible: It makes these two very attractive individuals the opposite of sexy. Well done, Gigli. Well done.

  2. Gigli Al Pacino - YouTube

    Jan 05, 2013 · Jennifer Lopez: "There Are Worse Movies Than Gigli!" - Late Night with Seth Meyers - Duration: 4:09. Late Night with Seth Meyers Recommended for you

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  3. Gigli Monologue Yoga Scene Dani Renee - YouTube

    Feb 20, 2014 · From the Film Gigli, Jlo Plays a Lesbian and explains why women are more desirable than men.

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    Aug 01, 2003 · Affleck’s Gigli is a dimwitted enforcer for an L.A. mobster; J.Lo’s Ricki is a wise, wry, sexy, literate enforcer sent to make sure he does his job properly. This job involves kidnapping a mentally...

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  5. (Pt. 3/6) "Gigli" Video Analysis/Review - YouTube

    Jul 19, 2010 · In Part 3, we enter the long stretch of the movie where nothing happens. Speaking of "long stretch," this part contains what we call The Anatomy Scene... you have to see to believe.

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  6. Weirdest movie sex scenes | Fox News

    gigli_sex_scene “Gigli” Ben Affleck is hot, Jennifer Lopez is hotter, and they had an off-screen romance going on at the time. So what happened in “Gigli”?

  7. Gigli (2003) - Alternate Versions - IMDb

    While a beach-set scene also capped off the first version of Gigli, there was still a good deal of movie left to go at this point, during which a number of the plot and character points left dangling in the release cut are resolved. A number of points are resolved in a scene immediately after this first pass by the Baywatch.

  8. Gigli (2003) - Gigli (2003) - User Reviews - IMDb

    Ricky has an ex-lover show up at the house and attempt suicide, the gangsters ask for the thumb of the prisoner sent to the prosecutor, Gigli has to rush to his mothers house and learns that good ole ma knows all about lesbians and throughout the film we are constantly annoyed by conversations between Gigli and his crime boss, Lenny over the phone.

  9. 15 Years Later, Was Gigli Really That Bad? | GQ

    Aug 01, 2018 · One horrifying and pointless scene sees Lopez’s ex-girlfriend (Missy Crider) burst into Gigli’s apartment, ranting maniacally before slashing both of her wrists with a butcher’s knife.

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