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    Giovanni Borgia, known as the Infans Romanus, was born into the House of Borgia in secret and is of unclear parentage.

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    Giovanni Borgia (March 1498 – 1548), known as the Infans Romanus ("the Roman child"), was born into the House of Borgia in secret and is of unclear parentage. Speculations of the child's parentage involve either Lucrezia Borgia with her alleged lover, Perotto Calderon or Cesare Borgia, or Pope Alexander VI as his father.

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    The inconsistencies surrounding Giovanni's origins and his birth stem from a number of contradicting contemporary documents and rumors about him. The truth can no longer be ascertained beyond doubt today, but historians agree that Giovanni must have been the son of Pope Alexander and not his daughter Lucrezias. The rumor that he was Lucrezia's son arose in March 1498. At that time, the Ambassador of Ferrara reported that Lucrezia had given birth to a child. This was particularly spicy news, because Pope Alexander had only managed to get Lucrezia divorced from her husband Giovanni Sforza in December - on the grounds that her husband was impotent, but in fact because the marriage had become politically useless for him. As a result, rumors soon spread in Rome that Lucrezia's alleged child was of a lover named Pedro de Calderon (called Perotto), a servant of the Pope who had been fished out of the Tiber together with Lucrezia's maid in February (an act for which her brother Cesare was h...

    Early years

    Giovanni Borgia's family were Catalans from Spain who emigrated to Italy in the 15th century, where they successfully competed with the powerful Italian aristocratic families. However, they always maintained their Spanish roots and even the late born Giovanni spoke Catalan , the language used by the Italian Borgia within the family. He also always signed his letters with Juan de Borja , the Spanish version of his name. Presumably it was named after Juan Borgia, the Pope's favorite son, who wa...

    After the decline of the Borgia

    Pope Alexander died as early as 1503, just one year after Giovanni was made Duke of Camerino. Cesare, on whom the whole power and survival of the Borgia family now depended, did not succeed in holding his conquests without his father. The Varano family quickly took possession of Camerino again, so that Giovanni's duchy existed only on paper, and the Borgia were surrounded by their enemies in Rome. In this dangerous situation, Cesare had four-year-old Giovanni, Rodrigo Bisecglie and his own ch...

    Attempted enforcement of the duchy

    After Lucrezia's death in 1519, nothing was heard from Giovanni for a few years, and it was not until 1530 that he reappeared as a pretender of the Duchy of Camerino. He tried to assert his claim as the first Duke Camerinos when in 1527 the succession of the Duchy under the Varanos was contested between an underage daughter and a bastard of the house. In December 1529 he had apparently traveled to see Emperor Charles V in Bologna on this matter . He had advised him to take legal action direct...

    Giovanni's death emerges from a letter of November 19, 1547, which a Ferrarese ambassador in Rome wrote to Duke Ercole II:

    Giovanni is portrayed in many literary adaptations and film adaptations as the son of Lucrezia, either with Perotto, Cesare, Juan or the Pope. 1. In his drama Lucrèce Borgia (1833), Victor Hugo processes the rumors about Giovanni Borgia by giving his Lucretia a son named Gennaro, who arose from incest with her brother Juan 2. In the BBC miniseries The Borgias(1981), Giovanni appears as Lucrezia's son with her father. 3. In the Spanish film Los Borgia(2006), Giovanni is Lucrezia's son with her lover Perotto. 4. In Mario Puzo's novel Die Familie(2002) Giovanni is the son of Lucrezia with her brother Cesare. 5. In the television series The Borgias, Giovanni is Lucrezia's son with a lover named Paolo. 6. In Hella Haasse's novel Die Scharlachrote Stadt(S. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main 1955) Giovanni tries to explainthe secret of his origins. At first he suspects that he is a son of Lucrezia. In the end he is convinced that he would be a son of Giulia Farnese and Alexander VI. to be.

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    Giovanni Borgia (Infans Romanus) Giovanni Borgia (span. Juan de Borja, * März 1498; † 1547 oder 1548 ), genannt Infans Romanus, von 1501/1502 bis 1503 Herzog von Camerino, Nepi und Palestrina, war ein Mitglied der Familie Borgia, höchstwahrscheinlich ein unehelicher Sohn Papst Alexander VI. (Rodrigo Borgia), der ihn in einer geheimen päpstlichen Bulle vom 1.

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    Notes. Wiki en:Giovanni_Borgia_(Infans_Romanus) de:Giovanni_Borgia_(Infans_Romanus) Sources: - person: Wikipedia

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    Giovanni Borgia (Infans Romanus), born in 1498, parentage unclear Giovanni Borgia , 2nd Duke of Gandia (Spanish: Juan de Borja), born in 1474 or 1476, son of Pope Alexander VI Juan de Borja y Enríquez de Luna (1495-1543) (Italian: Giovanni Borgia), 3rd duke of Gandía, son of the 2nd duke and Maria Enriquez de Luna

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    Giovanni "Infans Romanus" Borgia, 1498 - 1548 Giovanni Borgia 1498 1548 Giovanni Borgia was born in 1498, to and Lucrezia d'Este, Duque de Ferrara (born Borgia) . Lucrezia was born on April 18 1480, in Subiaco, Lazio, Italia.

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    Giovanni Borgia, "infans Romanus" ("Child of Rome", c. 1498–1548) had his paternity acknowledged by both Alexander and Cesare in two separate Papal bulls, but it was rumoured that he was the child of Lucrezia and Perotto. The child (identified in later life as Lucrezia's half-brother) was most likely the result of a liaison between Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI, Lucrezia's father) and an unknown mistress and was not Lucrezia's child.

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    Hi! I wasn’t sure if you meant Giovanni Borgia as in Juan Borgia, or Giovanni Borgia as in Infans RomanusInfans Romanus

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