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    Glam rock emerged from the English psychedelic and art rock scenes of the late 1960s and can be seen as both an extension of, and a reaction against, those trends. Its origins are associated with Marc Bolan, who had renamed his acoustic duo T. Rex and taken up electric instruments by the end of the 1960s.

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  3. Glam rock is a genre of rock music that was popular in the early 1970s. It was made famous by acts such as David Bowie, Elton John, T. Rex, Alice Cooper, Slade, Gary Glitter, Queen and Sweet. Glam fans (usually referred to as the "glitter people") and performers distinguished themselves from the denim-clad hippie-hordes with sci-fi/mythological ...

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    The following is a list of glam metal bands and artists and includes bands and artists that have been described as glam metal or its interchangeable terms, hair metal, hair bands, pop metal and lite metal by professional journalists at some stage in their career.

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    Shock and Awe (2016) to present. Reynolds's eighth book, a history of the glam rock era, Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and Its Legacy, was published in October 2016. In addition to writing books, Reynolds has continued freelancing for magazines, giving lectures, writing liner notes, and appearing in music documentaries.

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    El glam rock ta nel subconsciente de toles bandes britániques de rock alternativu, pero nun ye común que surdan artistes que lu reivindiquen explícitamente. A pesar d'esto, mientres los '90 apaeció un grupu d'evidente ascendencia glam , Suede , qu'axuntaben nel so soníu lo meyor del David Bowie de Ziggy Stardust.

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    Glam rock (cunoscut și ca glitter rock) este un stil de muzică rock și pop apărut în Marea Britanie, la începutul anilor 1970.El era interpretat de cântăreți și muzicieni, care purtau haine, machiaj si coafuri extravagante, cizme deosebit de platformă si sclipici.

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    By 1974, Sweet had grown tired of the management team of Chinn and Chapman, who wrote the group's major hits and cultivated the band's glam rock image. The group and producer Phil Wainman, assisted by engineer Peter Coleman, recorded the album Sweet Fanny Adams , which was released in April 1974.

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    Glam rock, poznat također kao glitter rock, je žanr rock glazbe. Pojavio se u post-hipi dobu ranih 1970-ih. Fenomen glam rocka je bio najviše izražen u Engleskoj između 1971. i 1973. Proslavili su ga glazbenici poput Marca Bolana, Davida Bowiea, Eltona Johna, Garya Glittera, sastavi Queen, Slade, Sweet, T. Rexa, Mud, Roxy Music i Mott The ...

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    Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock" was featured in the game Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s as a playable song (instead of being a cover like several songs featured in the game, it was the version from the 2004 remake of the group's classic album Stay Hungry, titled Still Hungry).