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    Glam rock emerged from the English psychedelic and art rock scenes of the late 1960s and can be seen as both an extension of, and a reaction against, those trends. Its origins are associated with Marc Bolan, who had renamed his acoustic duo T. Rex and taken up electric instruments by the end of the 1960s.

  2. Glam rock is a genre of rock music that was popular in the early 1970s. It was made famous by acts such as David Bowie, Elton John, T. Rex, Alice Cooper, Slade, Gary Glitter, Queen and Sweet. Glam fans (usually referred to as the "glitter people") and performers distinguished themselves from the denim-clad hippie-hordes with sci-fi/mythological ...

  3. List of glam rock artists - Wikipedia

    This is a list of notable musical acts who pertain to the glam rock genre of music.

  4. Glam metal - Wikipedia

    Glam metal suffered a decline in popularity in the early-mid 1990s, as the grunge and alternative phenomena revolutionized hard rock, and fans' tastes moved toward a more natural and stripped-down aesthetic and a rejection of the glam metal visual style. During this period, many of the most successful acts of the genre's 1980s pinnacle suddenly ...

  5. Glamrock – Wikipedia

    Glamrock på film Eran har skildrats bland annat i filmerna The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) och Velvet Goldmine (1998). Några konsertfilmer från perioden är Born to Boogie (Marc Bolan och T. Rex, 1972), Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (David Bowie, 1973) och Slade in Flame (Slade, 1974).

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    Ismert glam rock előadók. Híres előadók voltak többek között: a T. Rex, David Bowie, Suzi Quatro, Gary Glitter, Alvin Stardust, a The Rubettes, a Sweet, a Slade, a Queen, a Roxy Music, a The Paperhund, a Mott the Hoople, a Sparks, a Smokie és a Mud.

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  8. Glam rock – Wikipedia

    Glam rock on rockmusiikin tyylisuunta, joka nousi suosioon 1970-luvun alussa. Glam rockin tunnistettavimmat piirteet liittyvät musiikin esittäjien ulkonäköön. Esiintyjät suosivat huomiota herättävää ja usein androgyynistä pukeutumista. Glam rockin olemukseen kuuluvat myös melodramaattisuus, ironia ja identiteeteillä leikittely.

  9. Velvet Goldmine - Wikipedia

    The film centers on Brian Slade, a sexually fluid and androgynous glam rock icon who was patterned after David Bowie, Jobriath and, to a lesser extent, Marc Bolan. Bowie initially disapproved of the film and its many similarities with his life story, and threatened to sue, resulting in substantial rewrites to create more distance between the ...

  10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Wikipedia

    The film was released on DVD in 2000 for the film's 25th anniversary. A 35th anniversary edition Blu-ray was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in the US on 19 October 2010. The disc includes a newly created 7.1 surround sound mix, the original theatrical mono sound mix, and a 4K /2K image transfer from the original camera negative .

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