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  1. Going on tour with your band is what naturally follows releasing your album or EP. But you need to consider these four important factors before firing up your email and starting to call up promoters. Putting yourself and your band on the road before you’re prepared can be disastrous.

    • You’ve Got To Sell Yourself For The Gig. Every band feels bigger than the Beatles when they’re jamming in the garage.
    • When To Say “Yes,” When To Say “No” To Tour Gigs. When you’re starting out, you should jump on just about any chance you...
    • Sell Merchandise On Your Tour. Selling merchandise can turn a mediocre paying gig...
    • 1. Start preparations early Believe it or not, organizing a tour includes tons of research, planning, coordination,...
    • 2. Bring merch Selling merchandise is a good way to both popularize your band and make some extra cash to help with tour...
    • 3. Tell the media Make a list of local media you might want to send press releases to. You’ll be surprised how friendly...
    • 20. Make friends
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    • Aug 18, 2018
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    • Rob Galley
    • Decide on the date. Booking a tour is not a mean job; it requires a lot of effort. After being confident that you are ready for a tour, you will have to sit down and plan for it.
    • Decide on the tour route. The next thing that you need to decide on how to book a tour is the direction that you would like to go to. This can be a tentative route, as you might want to make some adjustments later.
    • Contact venues or find the right local promoters. The next thing you need to do is to start contacting the venues where you will be performing. Usually, you need to focus more on the venues that are found along your route, and only go for those outside the way if necessary.
    • Do a follow-up on the venues. When you find out how to book a tour, you need to follow-up on the venues you had booked. This is important because some promoters usually change their minds of the location may be due to changes in the routes.
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