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  1. Dutch Guilder Gold Coins are an excellent choice for collectors and investors. Investors can boost their portfolios with coins that contain 90% fine gold, while collectors will enjoy owning some of Europe's most important historical coins. Plus, Guilders are exceedingly rare and command high prices when re-sold.

  2. Dutch Gold 10 Guilder Low Prices and Premiums! Choose Item Wilhelmina (BU) 1911-1933 Willem III (BU) 1875-1889 Volume Pricing Basis: gold @ $1,779.75, 08/07/22 Prices, availability subject to change. Where applicable and unless specified, NGC or PCGS and dates/mints our choice. See Terms & Conditions. Buying Netherlands 10 Guilder

    • .1947 oz gold
    • .900 fine
    • 22.5 mm
    • 1.3 mm
  3. Sep 09, 2021 · With both series, it shows a lion with crown and arrows carrying around large shield as well as encircled inscription on denomination 10 G followed by words surrounding caduceus (winged staff entwined snakes) and seahorse that surround two sides issuing year. Specifications These Dutch 10 Guilder coins are also known as Florins or Guldens.

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  5. The gold guilder was available from between 1818-1853 and 1875 until 1933. These 10 Guilders gold coins are packaged in protective plastic. The obverse of these coins has a portrait of the ruler who is King or Queen of the Netherlands. The most common portrait is of Queen Wilhelmina since she served for 58 years as Queen of the Netherlands.

  6. Aug 03, 2022 · 1760 Half Golden Rider 7 Guilders Netherlands Gold Coin Awaiting Stock. from $1,296. Create Stock Alert Stock Alert. Buy Bullion; Special Offers; Gold Bars; Gold Coins.

  7. The 10 Dutch Guilder gold coin issued starting with 1925 and ending in 1933 have the weight of pure gold represented by 6.06 grams, equivalent with 0.1947 troy ounces of gold, and a total weight of 6.7290 grams. These coins are also characterized by a 22 mm diameter and a purity of 90.00%. 10 Dutch Guilder Gold Coin Design

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