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  1. Aug 30, 2022 · Whether you’re mourning a lost parent, sibling, friend, lover, or child, at least one of these Poetry for Gone But Not Forgotten may perfectly embody your thoughts and emotions. 1. She Is Gone (He Is Gone)

  2. Analysis (ai): This poem, by an unknown author, is about the speaker's hope that their memory will persist after they are gone. The speaker believes that their former lover will remember them fondly, despite any new loves they may encounter. The poem is written in a simple, yet lyrical style, with a regular rhyme scheme.

  3. I'll be the voice that whispers in the breeze. I'm peaceful now, put your mind at ease. I've rested my eyes and gone to sleep, But memories we've shared are yours to keep. Sometimes our final days may be a test, But remember me when I was at my best. Although things may not be the same, Don't be afraid to use my name.

  4. Apr 26, 2023 · Never forgotten poems. While shorter quotes are useful for something like a tattoo, you may want to consider posting a longer memory to express your remembrance of your loved one. These poems are popular choices when it comes to honoring the memory of a loved one. I am not there; I do not sleep.

  5. May 7, 2024 · The "Gone But Not Forgotten" poem embodies this duality of loss and enduring remembrance, providing solace in the assurance that those we love continue to live on in our hearts and memories. This piece becomes a cornerstone of funeral services, often recommended by a funeral director for its timeless message and comforting sentiment.

  6. Gone But Not Forgotten. By Cecilia M. Kocher Published by Family Friend Poems November 2006 with permission of the Author. The years we've shared have been full of joy. The memories we've made will go on and on. I haven't stopped crying since you went away, and I've asked God time and time why you couldn't stay. Read Complete Poem

  7. But Not Forgotten. A bereavement poem by American poet and critic Dorothy Parker. A short funeral verse about remembering a loved one. But Not Forgotten. I think, no matter where you stray, That I shall go with you a way. Though you may wander sweeter lands, You will not soon forget my hands, Nor yet the way I held my head,

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