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  2. Examples of literary fiction book reviews Kirkus Reviews reviews Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man: An extremely powerful story of a young Southern Negro, from his late high school days through three years of college to his life in Harlem.

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  3. Good Book Review Examples for Students. You might be a professional writer, or you may not have any experience in writing book reviews. We'll show you how to do it with these examples. Book Review Examples for Middle School Students. Traditionally, book reviews are the evaluation of books.

  4. Book Review Introduction Examples An introduction is the first part that your reader will interact with. It should be composed in a way that can grab their attention right away. Check out these examples and see what an attention-grabbing book review introduction looks like. View File Thesis Statement Book Review Examples

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    If you are assigned to write a book review, referring to some examples will be of great help. In addition, reading examples before starting the writing process will help you understand what elements are needed for a great book review. There are also many review sites online you can get help from. Academic book reviews follow a fairly simple structu...

    If you don’t know how to write a book review, look at the following steps. The first step is to plan and create an outline that includes all the points that you will have to cover in the review. Don’t forget to include all the information about the characters, plot information, and some other parts of the chosen book. The three parts of a book revi...

    A book review is a critical evaluation of the book, movie, or any other literary work. It has two goals: the first is to inform the readers about the content of the book, and the second is to evaluate your judgment about the book. A book review is more than a book report. A review is basically a critical essay that evaluates the merits of a literar...

    A scientific book review will contain the same elements as writing a review for a fiction book; some elements might vary. When you are reviewing a scientific text, you need to pay attention to the writing style and the validity of the content. Most students turn to non-fictional sources of information. It is important to make sure the information y...

    • Exciting Times. Author: Naoise Dolan. This novel will stir some exciting new perceptions about modern romance. With changing times, the definition of love also seems to be transforming.
    • American Poison: How Racial Hostility Destroyed Our Promise. Author: Eduardo Porter. On paper, racism is not tolerated by the law, but is that the reality?
    • Boys & Sex. Author: Peggy Orenstein. After the remarkable book titled “Girls & Sex,” Peggy came back with yet another path-breaking read.
    • A Long Petal of the Sea. Author: Isabel Allende. This spine-chilling and optimistic book is a perfect read for rejuvenation and fun.
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