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    Which email type is best for your business?

    What are the best email accounts for business?

    What is the best free email for business?

    What are some good email names?

    • Choose a Desired Email Service Provider. Like I said, if you don’t want to invest in a professional domain, you need to register your email IDs through email service providers like Gmail, etc.
    • Settle on a Name You Want to Use as Your Email Username. Now that you have a email service provider, you should quickly focus on settling over 2 or 3 of your desired usernames.
    • Use your profession. Adding your professional designation is still a better option than adding vague numbers to it. Here are a few examples of email address ideas where adding a profession can help you get the desired email username even if your regular IDs are not available
    • Add your educational qualification. JaneSmithMA (master of arts) JaneSmithBSc (master of science) JaneSmithDDS (perfect and easy to remember email name idea if you’re a doctor of dental surgery)
    • First initial + last name. The classic format results in “cferguson.”
    • First name + last name. “charlesferguson.” This is longer, but more precise.
    • First name + last initial. “charlesf.” You might run into issues here if your company scales to a larger size.
    • First initial + last initial. “Cf.” It’s very short, but doesn’t provide room for many variables.
  2. Your name + department: If your business has a lot of different apartments, a good way to differentiate between them is to combine the employee’s name with their department. For instance, someone who works in HR will be smith.HR@domain, and someone who works in accounting will be smith.accounting@domain.

  3. Oct 07, 2018 · Selecting The Best Email Service Provider: Creative Tips To Choose Good Email Address Names (For Personal Needs) ️Tip Number 1: Try the ideal name format first. ️Tip Number 2: Try with your name initials. ️Tip Number 3: Use valid and appropriate prefixes/suffixes. ️Tip Number 4: Let’s personalize it now.

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