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  1. Jan 27, 2023 · Golden retrievers are another top pick for service as search and rescue, therapy, or comfort dogs. Breed Overview. Group: Sporting (AKC) : 21.5 to 24 inches at the shoulder. Weight : 55 to 75 pounds. Coat and Color : Silky, medium-length, double coat in yellow, golden, white, cream, and copper.

    • Shih Tzu

      This breed gets along well in a multi-pet household with...

    • Siberian Husky

      The Siberian husky is a graceful, athletic dog with high...

    • Training

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    • What Are The Best Large Dogs For Families?
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Are Any of These Best Large Dog Breeds Right For Your Family?
    • Further Reading: More Best Dog Breeds to Bring Home

    There are many large dog breeds in the world, too many to count. Some of these dog breeds are better suited for families than others, though. So let’s take a look at some of the best large dogs for families.

    What should you look for in big dog breeds for families?

    When it comes to bringing home a big dog to your family, there are a few things to consider to help you choose the right one. First, if you have young kids, you’ll want to make sure that the large dog breed is gentle and friendlyaround children. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that all of your family members are on board with having a large dog at home. You’ll also want to be sure that you have enough room in your housefor a big dog. Even gentle giants might accidentally knock something...

    What are the preparations to add a big dog to your family?

    Adding a furry friend to your home, whether it’s a small dog, medium in size, or a large dog breed, things are going to change. You need to prepare for these changes,and it may uproot your family as you all adjust to the new family member. Before bringing your new pup home, you’ll want to find a veterinarian.This way, you can give the puppy a check-up right away and determine any health issues they may have. They can also get the dog’s shots updated if needed. In addition, the vet can help yo...

    There are many things to consider when it comes to bringing home a large dog breed. First, you’ll want to make sure that they fit well into your family’s lifestyle. If you’re an active family, then you’ll want to get an active dog. Otherwise, there are plenty of pups that will enjoy cuddling on the couch with you. Despite their massive size, most l...

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    • Audrey Morgan
    • Basset Hound. These droopy-eared dogs are known couch potatoes, and Ree's basset hounds, Walter, Henry, Fred, and Rusty, are no exception. Laziness aside, they make loving pets.
    • Australian Shepherd. These beautiful dogs would fit right in on Drummond Ranch: They're natural herders! Aussies will try to herd nearly anything, people included.
    • Pitbull Terrier. When Pitbulls are reared in a loving home they make some of the best family dogs. Originally bred as bull baiters, the Pitbull eventually moved into the home as nanny dogs because they were extremely good with children.
    • Chow Chow. Okay, have you ever seen a dog that's as cute as its name? The Chow Chow is a famous favorite of Martha Stuart, and for a good reason! Despite their bulky appearance, they only require moderate exercise, making them adaptable city dwellers.
    • German Shepherd. Known for their strength and intelligence, German Shepherds are highly trainable and quite powerful. They're also very loyal and courageous, according to the American Kennel Club.
    • Giant Schnauzer. Giant Schnauzers look a little bit like a puppy stuck in a giant body, which makes them especially cute. They're also widely known for their intelligence and loyalty.
    • Weimeraner. You can spot a Weimaraner by its distinctive, shiny gray coat. They're also incredibly fast, muscular, obedient, and crave frequent exercise.
    • Doberman. Doberman Pinschers are fast, muscular, and incredible guard dogs, known for their protective nature. They're also great with children and families.
    • Labrador Retriever. The most popular large dog breed in the United States, the Labrador retriever is perhaps the best family dog in the world. Lovable, loyal and goofy, the Labrador retriever is the quintessential large family dog.
    • Golden Retriever. One of the most popular family dogs in the U.S., the Golden Retriever was first recognized by the AKC in 1925. Although they were originally developed as a hunting breed, Goldens make fantastic family pets.
    • Standard Poodle. Most people think of poodles as a small breed, but these dogs actually come in three different official sizes: toy, miniature, and standard.
    • Basset Hound. One of the most easily recognized big breeds on our list, the basset hound’s long ears, droopy face, and tubby little body are unmistakable.
  3. May 17, 2022 · 45 Best Large Dog Breeds to Welcome Into Your Family Including those that are hypoallergenic, calm and known to be super healthy. By Caroline Picard Updated: May 17, 2022 Save Article Use Arrow...

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