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  1. Jun 8, 2023 · 1. What's your hidden talent? 2. What are three of your favorite dog names of all time? 3. Do you believe in reincarnation? 4. What’s your dream car? 5. Who was the last person that made you cry, and why? 6. What's your go-to ice cream flavor? 7. What was your first impression of me? 8. What's your ...

  2. Where are some unusual places you’ve been? Where do you get your news? What are some red flags to watch out for in daily life? What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

  3. Deep questions to ask your friends Where does a person’s worth come from? When things go wrong do you blame yourself or others more? How much does your personality change around different groups of people? What are some of the turning points of your life? How often do you leave your comfort zone? ...

  4. Feb 18, 2021 · As important as asking questions can be, it's equally important to make space for active listening. That's where reciprocity comes into play. That's where reciprocity comes into play. "What we don't want to do is pepper someone with a zillion questions so they are feeling interrogated," Hallett says.

  5. Mar 16, 2022 · What’s your #1 goal right now? What’s your quirkiest habit? What do you like the most about being “you”? What’s one fear you want to master? Who’s your role model, dead or alive?

  6. Jun 22, 2023 · Now that you know the kinds of questions to ask, it's time to get specific. These 202 juicy, fun, and deep questions to ask your friends will deepen any bestie bond: Juicy Questions To Ask Friends. 1.

  7. Mar 9, 2023 · 1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in public? 2. What’s an embarrassing thing you’ve done and never told anyone about? 3. What’s the most bizarre text you’ve ever received? 4. What’s the...

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