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    How to say goodbye in several different languages?

    How to say "good bye" in different languages?

    How do you say goodbye many different languages?

    Do you know how to say goodbye in different languages?

  2. LanguageGoodbye’ Afrikaans. Totsiens. Arabic. Ma'a as-salaama. Bengali. Bidāẏa. Bosnian. ...

    Ma'a as-salaama
    • Afrikaans: Totsiens
    • Arabic: وداعاً (wadaeaan)
    • Albanian: Mirupafshim
    • Amharic: ቻው (chaw)
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    • "Viszlát!" - Hungarian
    • "Näkemiin" - Finnish. "Moikka" - Finnish. "Heihei" - Finnish. "Hyvästi" - Finnish
    • "Poitu varein" - Tamil (standard farewell, meaning "taking leave but I will visit again")."Varein" (Will come again) -...
    • "Yasou" (YAH-soo), "Antio" - Greek
    • Afrikaans. Afrikaans is a West Germanic language of Southern Africa mostly derived from Dutch. It developed as Dutch...
    • Albanian. Albanian is an Indo-European language, spoken mainly in Albania and Kosovo, though it is also spoken in other...
    • Amharic. Amharic is a Semitic language and the official language of Ethiopia. Goodbye not only...
    • 1. Adiós Language: Spanish Pronounced: ah-THYOSHS Adiós is one of the many ways that Spanish have to say “goodbye”. You...
    • 2. Addio Language: Italian Pronounced: ahd-DEEH-oh Spanish and Italian are both classified as Romance Languages, which...
    • 3. Adeus Language: Portuguese Pronounced: ah-deh-ooSH Portuguese is another Romance...
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