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  1. Maximum Zoom Imagery Service | Maps JavaScript API | Google ... › maps › documentation

    Feb 18, 2021 · The Google Maps API provides map tiles at various zoom levels for map type imagery. Most roadmap imagery is available from zoom levels 0 to 18, for example. Satellite imagery varies more widely as...

  2. Google Earth - Wikipedia › wiki › Google_Earth

    1 day ago · Google Earth is a computer program, formerly known as Keyhole EarthViewer, that renders a 3D representation of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery.The program maps the Earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, allowing users to see cities and landscapes from various angles.

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  4. Map Types | Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers › maps › documentation

    Feb 18, 2021 · The satellite or hybrid imagery is replaced with imagery giving a 45° perspective, centered on the current location. By default, such views are oriented towards north. If the user zooms out, the...

  5. Google Street View - Wikipedia › wiki › Google_Street_View

    5 days ago · Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides interactive panoramas from positions along many streets in the world. It was launched in 2007 in several cities in the United States, and has since expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide.

    • / November 16, 2020; 2 months ago
    • 2.17.2 / July 16, 2020; 6 months ago
    • May 25, 2007; 13 years ago
    • (see list) / June 18, 2020; 7 months ago
  6. Controlling Zoom and Pan | Maps JavaScript API | Google ... › maps › documentation

    Feb 18, 2021 · Users can zoom the map by clicking the zoom controls. They can also zoom and pan by using two-finger movements on the map for touchscreen devices. The code for this map is below. new...

  7. Controls | Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers › maps › documentation

    Feb 18, 2021 · Maximum Zoom Imagery; Street View; ... google.maps.MapTypeControlStyle ... that lets the user toggle between map types (such as Map and Satellite). By default, this ...

  8. Google Earth App Download For Android 2020 | Free Play Mod Apk › google-earth-app

    6 days ago · Live Earth Map 2020: Satellite & Street View allow you to search and find satellite earth map 3d. Real-time 3D street maps allow you to determine your location and view earth from space in real time. Street Viewer works closely as a search engine to display real-time data in full HD and real-time maps. Live earth map is better than other live ...

  9. Intro to Google Earth - Week 9 › week9 › intro_google_earth

    5 days ago · Once you zoom in far enough, Google Earth tilts your view up toward the horizon. To tilt the view using the navigation controls: Click and hold the up arrow on the Look Joystick to tilt up toward the horizon. Click and hold the down arrow on the Look Joystick to tilt down toward the nadir.

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