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    Make use of Google Earth's detailed globe by tilting the map to save a perfect 3D view or diving into Street View for a 360 experience. Share your story with the world

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      Driving geoliteracy as a fundamental life skill for students...

  2. Create and collaborate on immersive, data-driven maps from anywhere, with the new Google Earth. See the world from above with high-resolution satellite imagery, explore 3D terrain and buildings in hundreds of cities, and dive in to streets and neighborhoods with Street View's 360° perspectives.

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    • NASA Worldview. NASA’s Worldview is a real-time satellite map that is available online. It shows satellite imagery, real-time cloud cover, and 800+ layers of the world.
    • USGS EarthNow (FarEarth Observer) The USGS pulls together Landsat 7 and 8 recordings through the EarthNow application. After a ground station receives a Landsat transmission, it takes just seconds for it to be uploaded on the USGS EarthNow platform.
    • ISS Satellite Feed. It’s true that the International Space Station has a high-definition streaming video (HDEV) mounted on it. And if you haven’t seen it before, it’s one of the neatest things you can find on YouTube.
    • Real-time Weather App. Weather apps like Ventusky leverage satellite layers from GOES-16, GOES-17, and EUMETSAT. Not only do you get near-real-time weather data, but it also includes forecasts.
  4. You can find a street in Earth two ways: Search for a specific street or address. Zoom in on the map. Explore the area. You can navigate and rotate your view while in Street View mode....

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    You can use Street View to explore places more closely. Zoom in to check out buildings, landmarks, bridges, and more.Tip: Street View images aren’t available everywhere. Discover where Street View is available.

    1. On your computer, open Google Earth.

    2. Click a place or search for a location.

    3. At the bottom, click Pegman .

    4. Select a highlighted area.

    Tip: If areas are highlighted in blue, you can find images of those places in Street View.

    Change your view

    To exit Street View, at the top left, click Back.

  5. Street-Level Views: Google Earth can access the "Street Map" images that Google acquires by driving city streets and photographing them in 3D. You can switch between browsing satellite images and street view photographs by pressing a zoom button.

  6. Interactive world weather map. Track hurricanes, cyclones, storms. View LIVE satellite images, rain radar, forecast maps of wind, temperature for your location. Zoom Earth is an interactive weather map of the world. Explore the current weather and see forecasts for your location through interactive maps of rain, wind, temperature, pressure, and ...

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