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    Gramophone records. When playing gramophone records, wow is a once-per-revolution pitch variation which could result from warping of the record or from a pressing plate that was not precisely centered.

  2. Gramophone Company, a British record company, existing from 1897 to 1931 This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Gramophone . If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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    Deutsche Grammophon (DGG) is a German classical music record label that was the precursor of the corporation PolyGram.Headquartered in Berlin Friedrichshain, it is now part of Universal Music Group (UMG) since its merger with the UMG family of labels in 1999.

  4. Gramophone record Facts for Kids

    May 22, 2020 · A gramophone record (or just record) is a type of analog storage medium. It stores recorded music (or other sounds). It was popular during most of the 20th century. Gramophone records are played on a phonograph ("record player"). A gramophone record is a flat disk that is usually made of plastic.

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    Gramophone (horizontal recording), original filed May 1887, refiled September 1887, issued November 8, 1887 U.S. Patent 382,790 Process of Producing Records of Sound (recorded on a thin wax coating over metal or glass surface, subsequently chemically etched), filed March 1888, issued May 1888

  7. Gramophone

    gramophone — ☆ gramophone [gram′ə fōn΄ ] n. [so named (1887) by E. Berliner, U.S. inventor, by arbitrary inversion of PHONOGRAM] now chiefly Brit. var. of PHONOGRAPH … English World dictionary. Gramophone — Un gramophone est un appareil ancien permettant de jouer un morceau de musique enregistré sur un disque phonographique. Il a ...

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    Oct 16, 2019 · From Gramophone (“ a trademark ”), coined by German-American inventor Emile Berliner in 1887 after the invention of the first phonograph, from Ancient Greek γράμμα (grámma, “ letter ”) + φωνή (phōnḗ, “ sound ”). Noun . gramophone (plural gramophones) (Britain, dated) A record player. Synonyms . phonograph (North America)

  9. Record can mean: A thing that is used to store information, such as -- vinyl record (also called a "phonograph record" or "gramophone record") Compact disc; World record, an unsurpassed accomplishment or statistic; Record (computer science)

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    The X-Ray Audio Project. After coming across an X-ray record in St Petersburg where he had been performing in 2013, the English musician Stephen Coates of the band The Real Tuesday Weld launched The X-Ray Audio Project, an initiative to provide a resource of information about Roentgenizdat recordings with visual images, audio recordings and interviews.