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  1. Gauhar Jaan, the Gramophone Queen of India

    And the first one in India to record her silken-smooth voice on it was a lady of Armenian descent from Calcutta who would be known to the world as Gauhar Jaan. She thus became India’s first artist to record on a 78 rpm gramophone disc, with her exquisite khayal singing in Raag Jogiya recorded on 2 November 1902.

  2. Gramophone record | Article about Gramophone record by The ...

    A database record is also called a "row". In a spreadsheet it is always called a "row". Some programming languages use the term to mean a type composed of fields of several other types (C calls this a "struct"). In all these cases, a record represents an entity with certain field values.

  3. 1745: Record Scratch - explain xkcd

    I disagree, "gramophone" is not the Wikipedia name, and a record player is a different device. I'm just saying, in the era in question, "grammophone" and "phonograph" were out of date terms, "records", "record player" and "turntable" are the terms which should be used here.

  4. Album - Wikipedia

    Early record albums wur packages o 78 RPM records in beuk form An album is a recordin oreeginally issued in gramophone format, follaed bi the vinyl format, an haes then been issued in ither formats like Compact Cassette , Compact disc , an increasingly in deegital formats like MP3 , AAC , ALAC , or FLAC .

  5. Evolution of the Record Player | HowStuffWorks

    Over time, the design of the gramophone and the recording process were continuously changing, yet the core elements of the needle in a groove remained the same. By the mid-20th century, most households had what was then commonly known as a record player and most recently called a turntable. Its mass popularity lasted until about the mid-1980s ...

  6. Gramophone | Article about gramophone by The Free Dictionary

    DHOONDH laya hoon wahi, geet mein tere liye (I have searched and brought back that song for you)" sings a 1950 Talat Mahmood's LP (Long Play) record on a 1978 Philips gramophone in Moloy Ghosh's apartment in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, as if crooning its revival in the hands of Ghosh.

  7. Make a Playable Laser-Cut Gramophone Record From Bioshock ...

    Make a Playable Laser-Cut Gramophone Record From Bioshock Infinite: Presenting a genuine Albert Fink's Magical Melodies recording playable on any gramophone of your household! Sounds of Columbia by our very own genius composer! His many songs subjugate the charts! Hear the Music of Tomorrow Today! WAR...

  8. Collectable Phonographs & Gramophones for sale | eBay

    The phonograph was the first form of record player and used a cylinder for recording and reproducing sound. Inventor Emile Berliner improved on the phonograph in 1887 by developing the gramophone, which used a flat disc instead. A gramophone uses a needle on its arm to read the sound from the grooves of a disc and play it through a speaker.

  9. List of phonograph manufacturers Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jun 23, 2016 · List of phonograph manufacturers Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Best Antique Phonograph, List of phonograph manufacturers Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  10. Phonograph & Gramophone Parts for sale | eBay

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