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    History. The store opened in 1969 and originally sold folk, Jazz, and Blues music. By the 1980s, the store was selling house music records. The store was the first of its kind in the Chicago area, focusing on vinyl for DJs, and since has become a destination point for traveling DJs.

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    The Gramophone Company Limited (The Gramophone Co. Ltd.), based in the United Kingdom and founded on behalf of Emil Berliner, was one of the early recording companies, the parent organisation for the His Master's Voice (HMV) label, and the European affiliate of the American Victor Talking Machine Company.

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    120 mm records. Techno artist Jeff Mills released the single for "The Occurrence" on a disc that is a gramophone record on one side, and a compact disc on the other. Although dubbed a 5-inch record, to be usable in most compact disc players, the record can be no bigger than 120 mm or about 4.7". 5 in (13 cm)

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    Doing a Google Trends comparison of just "gramophone record" and "phonograph record", the two have recently had approximately the same search popularity, although the further back in time you go, the more dominance "phonograph record" had. Looking at the region map below shows why: "phonograph record" is more common in American English, while ...

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    A gramophone record is a flat disk that is usually made of plastic. The sound is recorded on a very fine line or groove which goes around and around in a spiral from the outside edge of the disk to the center. The phonograph plays the sound with a needle that touches the groove. A record usually has different music on each side.

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    The Gramophone Classical Music Awards, launched in 1977, are one of the most significant honours bestowed on recordings in the classical record industry. [2] [3] They are often viewed as equivalent to [4] or surpassing [5] [6] the American Grammy award , and referred to as the Oscars for classical music .

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    3. A method of molding gramophone records having a transcription band by injection molding in a mold cavity, formed between mold parts, including the step of injecting a heated moldable material into the mold cavity while a first region in said mold cavity including that forming the said transcription band is being heated and while two further regions, one around the periphery of the mold ...

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    The gramophone was the transition to modern turntables and record players. It was different from the prior record player inventions because of two things. First, the gramophone changed the way recording operated. From a spinning cylinder, records were then played through flat discs which were more portable than the cylindrical ones.

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