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  1. This list of notable cellists is divided into four categories: 1) Living Classical Cellists; 2) Non-Classical Cellists; 3) Deceased Classical Cellists; 4) Deceased Non-Classical Cellists. The cello (/ˈtʃɛloʊ/ chel-oh; plural cellos or celli) is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

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    Sol Gabetta(born 1981), classical cellist, orchestral performer, recording artist and educator, now resident in Switzerland

    Christine Jackson(1962–2016), British-born Australian cellist, member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, played didgeridoo duos

    Giedrė Dirvanauskaitė (born 1976), founding member of the Kremerata Balticachamber orchestra, orchestral concert performer

    Françoise Groben(1965–2011), cellist playing with many notable orchestras, chamber musician and recording artist

    Guilhermina Suggia (1885–1950), worked with Pablo Casalsin Paris, toured internationally, also chamber musician

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    • Pablo Casals. One simply cannot explore iconic cellists and cello recordings of the 20th century without mentioning Pablo Casals. He revolutionized the cello and transformed it into a world-accepted solo instrument, which helped to pave the way for thousands of others after him.
    • Emanuel Feuermann. Commonly referred to as the Wienawski of the cello, Emanuel Feuermann was an internationally recognized Ukrainian born cellist that lived and performed in the first half of the 20th century.
    • Jacqueline du Pre. When talking about popular female cellists, Jacqueline du Pre immediately springs to mind. She was only 17 when she gained critical acclaim and even younger than that when she set off to the Swiss Mountains to learn under the greatest virtuoso of all, Pablo Casals.
    • Natalia Gutman. Natalia Gutman is a Russian world-famous cellist and one of the most distinguished of her time. Born in Kazan in 1942, Natalia learned and trained under the indomitable R. Sapozhnikov in Moscow but later, she joined the Mosco Conservatory to specialize her training.
    • Leonard Rose (1918 – 1984) Rose was something of a prodigy, graduating from the Curtis Institute at the age of 20 and becoming the Cleveland Orchestra’s principal cellist at age 21.
    • Steven Isserlis (1958 – ) Isserlis is one of the world’s great living cellists and something of a celebrity in Britain, his home country. Isserlis is unique among cellists for his commitment to performing period works with the most extraordinary authenticity.
    • Pierre Fournier (1906 – 1986) A championed French soloist, Fournier is a “cellist’s cellist” who displayed the highest level of musicianship, phrasing, and artistry in his work.
    • Lynn Harrell (1944 – 2020) Lynn Harrell was one of the most famous American cellists of all time and one of its most distinguished teachers. Harrell came from a musical family; his father was one of the Aspen Music Festival founders, a significant classical music festival based in Colorado.
    • Luigi Boccherini. You’ll know him best from his celebrated String Quintet in E, but Boccherini was actually one of the foremost influences on modern cello repertoire thanks to his eternally rewarding cello concerto.
    • Adrien-François Servais. This great Belgian muso lived from 1807 to 1866) and was one of the most influential cellists of the nineteenth century. He is one of the founders of the Modern Cellistic Schools of Paris and Madrid, and was also a highly regarded composer.
    • Pablo Casals. The Spanish cellist was responsible for some of the most scintillating Bach recordings ever made, and was a genuine link between the modern age and the true history of the instrument.
    • Pierre Fournier. Fournier was known in musician circles as ‘the aristocrat of cellists’, thanks to his refined sound and stage presence. But that didn’t mean he was in any way polite or conservative: in fact, his apparent ease just makes his musicianship all the more impressive.
  3. Great Cellists of The 20TH And 21ST Centuries. Filmed at the Welsh Millennium Centre, Cardiff, on the 10th February 2014. Julian Lloyd Webber plays Karl Jenkins' "Benedictus" from "The Armed Man - A Mass ...

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