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    • 1. relating to Greece, its people, or their language.


    • 1. a native or inhabitant of modern Greece, or a person of Greek descent.
    • 2. the ancient or modern language of Greece, the only representative of the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family.
  2. • Lingea: Greek-English dictionary & multilingual • Kemeslex: Greek-English dictionary & French • Kypros: Modern & Ancient Greek-English dictionaryGreek-English translation online & other languages: texts & web page • Loecsen: Greek-English common phrases (+ audio) • Goethe-Verlag: Greek-English common phrases & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

  3. The Biblical Greek Dictionary and Parsing Practice app allows you to: 1. Search for a word in any form as it appears in the Biblical Text. If you cannot recognize the form of a word, simply search for that specific form to find the correct dictionary entry. 2. Dictionary entries show all forms of a word as they appear in the New Testament. 3.

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  5. Greek dictionary Logeion declension conjugation • Eulexis-Biblissima: online search in the Greek dictionaries: Liddell-Scott-Jones (Greek-English), Bailly (Greek-French), Pape (Greek-German) • Philologic or Perseus: Greek-English lexicon by Henry Liddell & Robert Scott, completed by Henry Jones (LSJ) (1940)

  6. It's a free to use Greek dictionary with over 4,000 words, translations, and pronunciations. Greek-English Dictionary For ancient or modern Greek. Greek words are printed in both Latin and Greek fonts. Translatum English to Greek Dictionary Online. Greek-English Dictionary Online Greek-English Dictionary of current words and phrases.

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