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  1. The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force dedicated to the promotion of order ...

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  2. Mainstream Green Lantern Corps members 2-6-8-1-7-9-5 (Prime Earth) Aa (New Earth) Abin Sur (New Earth) Abin Sur (Prime Earth) Adam, Sector 1055 (New Earth) Adara (New Earth) Adellca (New Earth) Aegle (Prime Earth) Ahtier (New Earth) Airam Sappal (New Earth) Al-X (Prime Earth) Aldo (Prime Earth) Alia (New Earth) Alisand'r (New Earth)

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    Several notable Lanterns have risen from the planet Earth, including test pilot Hal Jordan, considered the greatest of all living Green Lanterns, as well as John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and, most recently, new recruits Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. For more on the Green Lantern Corps' history, visit their page on

  4. The Green Lantern corps, along with the other six corps (the Star Sapphires, The Sinestro Corps, the Red Lantern Corps, Agent Orange, The Blue Lantern Corps, and The Indigo Tribe), fight the black lanterns to regain safety and order in the universe.

  5. Other Green Lanterns of Earth's sector [ edit] Jade [ edit]. Vidar [ edit]. Rond Vidar [ edit]. Yalan Gur [ edit]. He is a red-scaled, reptilian humanoid, assigned to sector 2814 (Earth's sector) in the 10th century. Jong Li [ edit]. Jong Li is a Green Lantern introduced in Green Lantern, Dragon ...

  6. Nov 1, 2022 · The 10 Most Powerful Members Of The Green Lantern Corps, Ranked 10 Simon Baz Can Do Things With The Ring No One Else Can. Simon Baz might be inexperienced in terms of years, but he's... 9 Kilowog Has More Experience Than Any Other Lantern. Kilowog is one of the Green Lanterns with the longest ...

  7. Aug 24, 2020 · The Green Lanterns may be the most recognized ringbearers of the DC Universe, but they're not the only ring users around. Whether you are a Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, or Kyle Rayner fan, everyone can agree that the Green Lantern is one of the most notable characters in DC Comics.

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