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  1. "Grimm" is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales. Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as "Grimms," charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world.

  2. Grimm is an American fantasy police procedural drama television series created by Stephen Carpenter and Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt and produced by Universal Television for NBC. The series aired from October 28, 2011, to March 31, 2017, for 123 episodes, over six seasons.

  3. Oct 29, 2022 · Grimm stars David Giuntoli as Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt who discovers he is a grimm — a gifted all-seer who protects everyday folk from evil forces. The supporting cast...

  4. Grimms are tasked with policing the creature world, making sure that those who harm humans are stopped. For this reason, many Wesen mistrust or fear them, even having their own set of Wesen fairy tales warning Wesen children about the Grimms.

  5. Apr 9, 2021 · Grimm originally premiered just before Halloween in 2011 -– just one of a few different "fairy tales, but in the real world!" concepts that released around the same time. Differentiating itself...

  6. Nov 11, 2018 · A crime drama about favorite Brothers Grimm fairy tale characters, from Red Riding Hood to the Three Little Pigs, Grimm also employed mythology and monsters from cultures around the world, from Krampus to La Llorona.

  7. Sep 9, 2022 · The Brothers Grimm’s version is twisted and gruesome, unlike the Disney version, which almost every young girl has seen and adored. The premise is the same, in that Cinderella has an evil stepmother and two horrid stepsisters who make her life miserable by making her do awful chores (like picking lentils out of ashes), and she meets a ...

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