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  1. The French tricolore is the official national flag used in Guadeloupe. In addition to the French flag, an inscribed regional logo on a white field is often used as regional flag, similar to the practice in Mayotte and Réunion. The logo of Guadeloupe shows a stylized Sun and bird on a green and light blue square with the subscript REGION ...

  2. The flag of Guadeloupe is the French tricolor flag of blue, white, and red vertical bands. The national anthem is La Marseillaise and euro is the official currency.

  3. Current image of flag of Guadeloupe with information and location of Guadeloupe.

  4. Jun 25, 2024 · Flag of Guadeloupe. Heads Of Government: Prefect (for France): Alexandre Rochatte; President of the Departmental Council (for Guadeloupe): Guy Losbar; President of the Regional Council (for Guadeloupe): Ary Chalus. (Show more) Capital: Basse-Terre. Population: (2024 est.) 371,600. Head Of State: President of France: Emmanuel Macron.

  5. The flag of Guadeloupe features a vertical tricolor design, consisting of three horizontal stripes of equal width. The left stripe is blue, the middle stripe is white, and the right stripe is red. This tricolor arrangement is widely recognized and holds significant historical and cultural significance for the people of Guadeloupe.

  6. Official flag of Guadeloupe. The official flag of Guadeloupe is the French national flag. Ivan Sache, 18 February 2005.

  7. The regional flag, which is not officially recognized, features a blue field with a sun and a green and red bird, called a “Sugarcane Sparrow,” positioned above a sugarcane stalk. This flag was designed in 1981 by a local artist and symbolizes the island’s natural beauty and agricultural heritage.

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