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    Guidobaldo II Della Rovere (2 de abril de 1514 – 28 de setembro de 1574) foi um condottiero italiano, que foi Duque de Urbino de 1538 até à sua morte. Era membro da poderosa família Della Rovere. Guidobaldo patrocinou as artes em geral e Ticiano em particular, tendo financiado o seu Vênus de Urbino.

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    Francesco Della Rovere was born into a poor family in Liguria in north-west Italy in 1414, the son of Leonardo della Rovere of Savona. He was elected pope in 1471. As Sixtus IV he was both wealthy and powerful, and at once set about giving power and wealth to his nephews of the Della Rovere and Riario families.

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    Guidobaldo II della Rovere Guidobaldo II della Rovere (ur. 2 kwietnia 1514 w Urbino, zm. 28 września 1574 w Pesaro) – książę Urbino i Gubbio, kondotier, gubernator (dowódca) armii Republiki Weneckiej, a następnie z nadania papieża gubernator Fano, kapitan generalny Świętego Kościoła Rzymskiego i prefekt Rzymu.

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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Della Rovere family (pronounced [della ˈroːvere]; literally "of the oak tree") was a noble family of Urbino in central Italy. They originally came from Savona, Liguria. The family rose to nobility through nepotism and ambitious marriages.

  5. Giulia da Varano - Wikipedia › wiki › Giulia_da_Varano

    The marriage of Giulia da Varano and Guidobaldo II della Rovere produced two children: the first one died shortly after birth, and the second was a daughter, Virginia Feltria (born 17 September 1544 – died February 1571), who later married firstly in 1560 with Federico Borromeo, Count of Arona (nephew of Pope Pius IV), and secondly in 1569 with Ferdinando Orsini, Duke of Gravina.

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    Federico da Montefeltro and His Son Guidobaldo (c. 1475), by Justus van Gent or/and Pedro Berruguete Born in Gubbio, he succeeded his father Federico da Montefeltro as Duke of Urbino in 1482. Guidobaldo married Elisabetta Gonzaga, the sister of Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua.

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    In February 1547, Guidobaldo II della Rovere, Duke of Urbino, was widowed. His late wife Giulia da Varano bring as a dowry the Duchy of Camerino, but failed to provided a surviving male heir for her husband, thus the Duke of Urbino began preparations for a new marriage.

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    Simple local wares were being made in the 15th century at Urbino, but after 1520 the Della Rovere dukes, Francesco Maria I della Rovere and his successor Guidobaldo II, encouraged the industry, which exported wares throughout Italy, first in a manner called istoriato using engravings after Mannerist painters, then in a style of light arabesques ...

  9. Pope Julius II - Wikipedia › wiki › Giuliano_della_Rovere

    Giuliano della Rovere (left, future Julius II), and Julius II's nephew, Clemente della Rovere (right), who safeguarded Giuliano's affairs while he fled to France following a dispute with Alexander VI Giulliano della Rovere, as cardinal (left), with his uncle and patron Francesco della Rovere, Pope Sixtus IV (right)

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