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    As of the 2010s, "guitar pop rock" and "indie rock" are roughly synonymous terms. "Jangle" is a noun-adjective that music critics often use in reference to guitar pop with a bright mood. Debates. Critic Philip Auslander argues that the distinction between pop and rock is more pronounced in the US than in the UK.

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    Blur's debut album Leisure (1991) incorporated the sounds of Madchester and shoegazing. Following a stylistic change influenced by English guitar pop groups such as the Kinks, the Beatles and XTC, Blur released Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993), Parklife (1994) and The Great Escape (1995).

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  4. Bread (band) - Wikipedia › wiki › Bread_(band)

    The next album, Guitar Man, was released ten months later and went to No. 18. The album produced three Top 20 singles, "The Guitar Man" (#11), "Sweet Surrender" (#15), and "Aubrey" (#15), with the first two going to No. 1 on Billboard's adult contemporary chart.

    • 1968–1973, 1976–1978, 1996–1997
    • Elektra
  5. Mountain (band) - Wikipedia › wiki › Mountain_(band)

    Mountain was an American hard rock band that formed on Long Island, New York, in 1969. Originally comprising vocalist and guitarist Leslie West, bassist and vocalist Felix Pappalardi, keyboardist Steve Knight and drummer N. D. Smart (soon replaced by Corky Laing), the band broke up in 1972 and has reunited frequently since 1973.

    • 1969–1974, 1981–1985, 1992–1998, 2001–2010
    • Windfall, Columbia, Lightyear, Recall, Big Rack
  6. Argent (band) - Wikipedia › wiki › Argent_(band)

    Argent were an English rock band founded in 1969 by keyboardist Rod Argent, formerly of The Zombies.They had three UK Top 40 singles, "Hold Your Head Up", which reached number five and spent 12 weeks on the chart, "Tragedy" (number 34) and "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" (number 18).

    • 1969–1976, 2010, 2012, 2013
    • London, England
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    The lawsuit alleges that the defining guitar riff from "My Sharona" was used without permission in the Run-D.M.C. track "It's Tricky" from their 1986 album Raising Hell. [10] In 2006, during a performance in Las Vegas, Fieger became disoriented, developing a dull headache, and grasping for the words to the songs that he had written and ...

  8. Go West (band) - Wikipedia › wiki › Go_West_(band)

    The album peaked at no. 8 in the United Kingdom. Bangs and Crashes, an album of remixes, B-sides and live tracks, was released in 1986, and included the track "One Way Street" which was part of the Rocky IV soundtrack. Go West were voted "Best Newcomer" at the 1986 Brit Awards.

  9. Cutting Crew - Wikipedia › wiki › Cutting_Crew

    The album spawned one single, "If That's The Way You Want It." Neither the single nor the album itself charted. Within weeks of its release, Virgin Records was bought by EMI and the album became obsolete. 1993–2005: Break-up and MacMichael's death. The band broke up in 1993; shortly after the release of their Compus Mentus album.

  10. Pilot (band) - Wikipedia › wiki › Pilot_(band)

    In 2003 and 2006, the band co-wrote the Irish pop band Westlife's singles "Obvious" and "Amazing", which peaked at No. 3 and No. 4 respectively in the UK Singles Chart. Both were released as the third singles from their number one studio albums, Turnaround , and Face to Face .

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