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  1. Water temperature in Gulf of Mexico today. Climate map

    Sea water temperature in some cities on the Gulf of Mexico coast is above 20°C/68°F and it is enough for comfortable bathing. The warmest Gulf of Mexico water temp now is 26.9°C/80.4°F (in Cancun), and the coldest Gulf of Mexico sea surface temperature today is 11.2°C/52.2°F (in Galveston).

  2. Apr 08, 2014 · Florida and Eastern Gulf of Mexico Recent Marine Data Not All Stations Depicted are Operated by the National Data Buoy Center. To view marine data, click a station on the map below:

  3. GOES-East - Sector view: Gulf of Mexico - Band 8 - NOAA ...

    The single water vapor band on GOES-13 contained a mixture of water vapor features over many levels of the troposphere, but GOES-16 enables us to focus on water vapor in the upper troposphere (band 8), the middle troposphere (band 9), or the lower troposphere (band 10). The GOES-13 Imager water vapor channel falls between ABI bands 8 and 9.

  4. Gulf Stream - Wikipedia

    The Gulf Stream proper is a western-intensified current, driven largely by wind stress. The North Atlantic Drift, in contrast, is largely driven by thermohaline circulation. In 1958, oceanographer Henry Stommel noted that "very little water from the Gulf of Mexico is actually in the stream".

  5. GOES-East - Sector view: Gulf of Mexico - GeoColor - NOAA ...

    GOES-East - Sector view: Gulf of Mexico - GeoColor 2 hour loop - 24 images - 5 minute update. To enlarge, pause animation & click the image. Hover over popups to zoom.

  6. Where is the warmest beaches now? Today the warmest ocean temperature in North America in Puerto Escondido 27.8°C/82°F, in Central America in Dominical 29.7°C/85.5°F, in Africa in Beira 29.9°C/85.8°F, in South America highest water temperature in Tia Juana 30.1°C/86.2°F, Europe's has the warmest beach right now in La Gomera 20.3°C/68.5°F, Australia has the hottest sea water ...

  7. Sarasota Water Temperature (FL) | United States Sea Temperatures

    The measurements for the water temperature in Sarasota, Florida are provided by the daily satellite readings provided by the NOAA. The temperatures given are the sea surface temperature (SST) which is most relevant to recreational users.

  8. Offshore Marine Text Forecasts for New England, Mid-Atlantic, Tropical Atlantic, Caribbean, Alaska, Washington-Oregon, California, Hawaii, Eastern Pacific-Mexico, Eastern Pacific-Equatorial . Offshore waters forecast for the Gulf of Mexico including all zones and synopsis Condensed Version for radio broadcast

  9. Mediterranean Sea - Wikipedia

    The temperature of the water in the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea is 13.2 °C (55.8 °F). [64] The net water influx from the Atlantic Ocean is ca. 70,000 m³/s or 2.2 × 10 12 m 3 /a (7.8 × 10 13 cu ft/a). [65]

  10. Oil spill - Wikipedia

    An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially the marine ecosystem, due to human activity, and is a form of pollution.The term is usually given to marine oil spills, where oil is released into the ocean or coastal waters, but spills may also occur on land.

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