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  2. Princess Benedikte of Denmark - Wikipedia › wiki › Princess_Benedikte_of_Denmark

    5 days ago · Early life Birth. Princess Benedikte was born on 29 April 1944 at the Frederick VIII Palace in the Amalienborg Palace Complex in Copenhagen as the second child and daughter of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Crown Princess Ingrid née Princess Ingrid of Sweden.

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    5 days ago · On 17 May 1885, five months after the wedding, the new Frau Klara Hitler gave birth to Gustav, her first child with Alois Hitler. One year later, on 25 September 1886, she gave birth to a daughter, Ida. The third child, Otto, was born not long after Ida, in 1887, but died days later.

    • Hiedler, Hüttler
    • Austria
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    3 days ago · Gustav Elijah Åhr (November 1, 1996 – November 15, 2017), known professionally as Lil Peep (often stylized as LiL PEEP), was an American-Swedish rapper, singer, songwriter and model. The child of Harvard graduates who divorced when he was a teenager--Gustav channeled working class themes into music compositions despite an affluent background.

  5. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim - Wikipedia › wiki › Carl_Gustaf_Emil_Mannerheim

    5 days ago · Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was born in the Louhisaari Manor of the Askainen parish (current Masku) on June 4, 1867. After Mannerheim's father left the family for his mistress in 1880, his mother Helene and her seven children went to live with her aunt Louise, but she died the following year.

  6. List of German supercentenarians - Wikipedia › wiki › Adelheid_Kirschbaum

    4 days ago · Gustav Gerneth. Gustav Gerneth (15 October 1905 – 22 October 2019) was born in Stettin, German Empire (now Szczecin, Poland). He worked in a shipping company and at a gas plant. During the Second World War, he was a mechanic in the German air force .

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    Edelgard was born the ninth child of Emperor Ionius IX of the Adrestian Empire. In Imperial Year 1171, Edelgard was taken to Faerghus by her uncle, Lord Arundel, and she quickly befriended her maternal stepbrother Dimitri. When she returned to the Empire in 1174, he gave her a dagger as a parting gift. At some point in her childhood, she and all ten of her siblings were imprisoned by a conspiracy of nobles including Arundel, Duke Aegir, and Lord von Vestra, with Ionius IX helpless to stop them. The siblings were subjected to horrific experimentation in order to implant them with the Crest of Flames, and ultimately Edelgard was the sole survivor and successful test subject. Developing a hatred of the Crest system that had dominated Fódlan for a millennium, Edelgard swore to destroy the Crests and the Church of Seiroswhich upheld their power by any means necessary and unite Fódlan under the Adrestian banner to create world peace. In Imperial Year 1180, Edelgard enrolled at the Officer...


    Edelgard is one of the game's lord characters, and her defeat under the player's control is grounds for an immediate game over. She is a major antagonist on the Silver Snow and Verdant Wind routes, the main antagonist and final boss of the Azure Moon route, and a temporary playable character and recurring boss on all three. She is also the primary protagonist of the Crimson Flower route.

    Growth rates when reclassed

    1. Main article: Edelgard/Stats/Growth rates


    There are three different variations of Edelgard available to Heroes, all based on her storyline appearance in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The normal variation of Edelgard, based on her Three Houses Part I incarnation, is one of the characters added to the game in the Cohort of the Dead update, and became available for summoning by players on July 22, 2019. A second variation of Edelgard under her Flame Emperor identity was added to the game in the Twisted Reality update and made available to...

    Edelgard comes off as refined, cold and sometimes hostile woman at first glance. Due to the horrific experimentation she endured as a child in order to implant a second Crest into her body, Edelgard despises Crests and is willing to go to any lengths to remove their influence in Fódlan, including triggering a world war and cooperating reluctantly with the people responsible for her experiments; she has limits regarding what she is willing to tolerate from them however, in particular when it concerns malicious acts which serve no practical purpose in the long term, and swears to Byleth and Jeralt that she would have stopped Solon's actions in Remire Village had she known the extent of his plans. Due to her access to an exclusive version of the War of Heroes passed on by Wilhelm I to the Hresvelg family line for generations, Edelgard's opinion on the Children of the Goddess is quite negative, believing they are monsters in human guise whose only interests lie in keeping Fódlan under t...

    Edelgard, Flame Emperor As the new Adrestian emperor, Edelgard dedicated her life to reshaping the delicate political structure of Fódlan. With tireless work and great sacrifice, she reformed the class system to ensure a free and independent society for all. In her later years, she entrusted her life's work to a worthy successor before finally vanishing from the public eye. Byleth, Wings of the Hegemon & Edelgard, Flame Emperor Byleth and Edelgard ended the tyranny of a godlike being. Byleth was wounded and lost the power of the progenitor god, but it mattered not, as and Edelgard had each other. To ensure lasting peace, the two fought against those who slither in the dark, and to ensure a society where people can rise and fall by their own merits, they spent their lives reforming the antiquated class system. They achieved much in their time together, and it is said that they were sometimes spotted leaving the palace to privately enjoy the world they had created. How they s...

    Three Houses quotes

    1. Main article: Edelgard/Quotes (Three Houses)

    Heroes quotes

    1. Main article: Edelgard/Quotes (Heroes)

    Fire Emblem Cipher

    Edelgard is currently featured on twelve cards in Fire Emblem Cipher: eleven under her own identity and one under her Flame Emperor identity. 1. One of the below cards' epithets is still in raw, untranslated Japanese; it needs translation.

    Edelgard appears as two spirits, one as her Part I incarnation and the other as her Part II. Edelgard is an Advanced attack-type spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, using her Part I artwork from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. When equipped to a player character, she grants one support spirit slot. Edelgard can be enhanced when she reaches level 99, becoming Edelgard - Five Years Later. She is an Ace attack-type spirit, using her Part II art from Three Houses. When equipped by a playable charact...

    Cristina Vee voiced Edelgard in the English version of Three Houses's E3 2018 trailer, but does not voice Edelgard in the final game.
    Ai Kakuma, Edelgard's Japanese voice actress, also voices Flora in Fates and Heroes.
    Edelgard is the only Lord who can potentially turn against the player and the only Lord who is ever fought as an enemy on the story route in which they are a Lord. She is also the only Lord who is...
    If paralogues are discounted, Edelgard is tied with the Death Knight for the most appearances as an enemy in a single main-series game, with 6 on the Azure Moon and Verdant Wind routes of Three Hou...

    Official artwork

    1. Artwork of Edelgard from Three Houses. 2. Artwork of Edelgard from Three Houses. 3. Artwork of Edelgard as the Flame Emperor from Three Houses. 4. Artwork of Edelgard from Three Houses. 5. High quality portrait artwork of Edelgard from Three Houses. 6. High quality portrait artwork of Edelgard from Three Houses. 7. High quality portrait artwork of the Flame Emperor from Three Houses. 8. Pre-release screenshot of Edelgard as a Brigand. 9. Edelgard and male Byleth 10. Edelgard and female Byl...

    Heroes artwork

    1. Artwork of Edelgard: The Future from Heroes. 2. Artwork of Edelgard: The Future from Heroes. 3. Artwork of Edelgard: The Future from Heroes. 4. Artwork of Edelgard: The Future from Heroes. 5. Artwork of Flame Emperor: Bringer of War from Heroes. 6. Artwork of Flame Emperor: Bringer of War from Heroes. 7. Artwork of Flame Emperor: Bringer of War from Heroes. 8. Artwork of Flame Emperor: Bringer of War from Heroes. 9. Artwork of Edelgard: Flame Emperor from Heroes. 10. Artwork of Edelgard: F...

    Other appearances

    1. Artwork of Edelgard from Fire Emblem Cipher.

  8. Vandals damage famous Norwegian baby statue in Oslo park ... › entertainment

    5 days ago · A Norwegian museum says that a famous statue of a baby boy stomping his feet in anger has been removed from a park in the capital, Oslo, for repairs after someone vandalized it by trying to saw ...

  9. Dimitri - Fire Emblem Wiki › wiki › Dimitri
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    Dimitri is the crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. In Imperial Year 1171, Dimitri's maternal stepsister Princess Edelgard of the Adrestian Empire came to Faerghus with her uncle, Lord Arundel, and the two became fast friends. When she returned to the Empire in 1174, he gave her a dagger as a parting gift. In 1176, he was the sole survivor of the Tragedy of Duscur, in which his father King Lambert and many of his knights and friends were murdered, allegedly by assassins from the Dusc...

    This section has been marked as a stub. Please help improve the page by adding information.On the surface, Dimitri is a chivalrous young man who is loyal to his friends and kind to his subjects. Underneath, though, he holds great bitterness over the Tragedy of Duscur four years prior his attendance to the Officers Academy, which led to the deaths of his parents and many of his soldiers. The trauma over that incident has left Dimitri with a burning desire for vengeance and a deeply hidden capa...

    Dimitri cannot grow his supports from Chapters 13 through 17 due to being consumed by his hatred of Edelgard.

    Dimitri, Savior KingAfter his coronation, Dimitri spent his life reforming and ruling justly over Fódlan. He focused particularly on improving living situations for orphans and improving foreign relations. He was known for listening intently to the voices of all, and for instituting a new form of government in which the people were free to be active participants. He lived for his people and alongside them, and was thusly dubbed the Savior King.Dimitri, Savior King & Byleth, Guardian of OrderP...

    1. As the boss of Crimson Flower Chapter 17, Dimitri's map sprite depicts him with an eyepatch despite the fact that he does not lose the use of his right eye on the Crimson Flower route. 2. As a Lord in Part I, the eyes on Dimitri's sprite will change color to match those of his current affiliation—blue as a player unit, red as an enemy, yellow as a third army enemy. This quirk is not present for Edelgard or Claude, or even for Dimitri's Part II sprites.

    1. Artwork of Dimitri from Three Houses. 2. Artwork of Dimitri from Three Houses. 3. Artwork of Dimitri from Three Houses. 4. Artwork of Dimitri from Three Houses. 5. High quality portrait artwork of Dimitri from Three Houses. 6. Portrait of Dimitri from Three Houses. 7. Dimitri and his soldiers take up a formation. 8. Dimitri after the 5 year time skip. 9. Dimitri with Edelgard. 10. My Nintendo desktop wallpaper showing Dimitri 11. My Nintendo smartphone wallpaper showing Dimitri 12. Dimitr...

  10. Dorothea - Fire Emblem Wiki › wiki › Dorothea
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    Dorothea was born as a commoner in the Adrestian Empire. Both her parents died when she was a child, leaving her an orphan to beg in the streets. She would sometimes sing alone. Once, she was overheard by some people, who invited her to become a songstress in the Mittelfrank Opera. In the Mittelfrank Opera, she met Manuela and started to look up to her. During her time in the Opera, she was kidnapped, assaulted and almost assassinated, but she learned to defend herself. She then left the Oper...

    Dorothea, Mystical SongstressDorothea returned to the Mittlefrank Opera as soon as the war was over. Thanks to her talent, the company enjoyed a resurgence in popularity that lasted well beyond the end of her own career. Once she gave up her position as a songstress, she settled down to a private life of peace and quiet. It is said that she was very happily married.Byleth, Wings of the Hegemon & Dorothea, Devoted Heart (Crimson Flower)Almost immediately after the modest wedding ceremony betwe...

    1. High quality portrait artwork of Dorothea from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 2. Portrait of Dorothea from Three Houses. 3. Dorothea's S-support illustration.