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  1. Guy Reiss (1904–1964) was a French astronomer and discoverer of five asteroids, who worked at the Algiers Observatory in Algiers, North Africa, during the 1930s and later at the Nice Observatory in southeastern France.

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    Guy Reiss (* 1904, † 1964) was a French astronomer and asteroid discoverer. He worked at the observatory in Algiers and later at the Observatoire de Nice in Nice and identified a total of 5 asteroids between 1931 and 1935. The asteroid (1577) Reiss was named after him. Individual evidence ^ Minor Planet Discoverers; literature

  3. › wiki › Death_of_a_Few_Salesmen Cached Mike Reiss & Al Jean December 20, 1986 ( 1986-12-20 ) An exotic woman attempts to exact revenge on her ex-lover by poisoning him, but the near-sighted assassin gives the poison to Sledge instead.

  4. Further details may exist on the talk page. (December 2020) Michael L. Reiss (born September 15, 1959) is an American television comedy writer and author. He served as a show-runner, writer and producer for the animated series The Simpsons and co-created the animated series The Critic.

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    Ignace Reiss (1899 – 4 September 1937) – also known as "Ignace Poretsky," "Ignatz Reiss," "Ludwig," "Ludwik", "Hans Eberhardt," "Steff Brandt," Nathan Poreckij, and "Walter Scott (an officer of the U.S. military intelligence)" –was one of the "Great Illegals" or Soviet spies who worked in third party countries where they were not nationals in the late 1920s and 1930s.

    • Faculty of Law, University of Vienna
    • strangulation and/or machine gun
    • Nathan Markovic Poreckij, 1899, Podwołoczyska (Pidvolochysk), then in Galicia, Austria-Hungary
    • 4 September 1937, (aged 37 or 38), Lausanne, Switzerland
  6. Jon Reiss is a film producer and director, and an author. He has made the feature film Cleopatra’s Second Husband (1998) and the documentaries Better Living Through Circuitry (1999) and Bomb It (2007).

  7. Season 3 (Part1): SinFreida Reiss - Revealed in a flashback to have been eaten by Grisha Jaeger in his Titan form, taking the power of the Founding Titan in ...

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